31 December 2007

Happy New Year សួស្តីឆ្នាំថ្មី ២00៨

To end 2007 year and starting new 2008 I would like to link this post entry to the microphone sound of Khmer classic love song by Huy Meas and Sin Sisamut.

I don't know what year this song came out. But I am sure it's at least recorded 5 years before I was born. This would make it a pre-1975 recording.

I would like to thank to JS, (picture below) for sending me the song. Click on the picture will link to her website.
I've been listening to this piece over and over. I love Miss Huy Meas voice !! And, Mr. Sin Sinsamut legendary voice proved he was and is truly the all-time king of Khmer music .

The song title is "Thida Kloak Thep". I've transcribed the song lyrics in Khmer Unicode below. It's so poetic. Listening to songs like this, I will soon couldn't help not to fall in love :)

Happy New Year !---- Vanak, Phnom Penh.

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Click "PLAY" button on the Esnips player to hear "Thida Kloak Thep" song. Enjoy!

" ធីតាឃ្លោកទិព្យ​ " ហួយ​​ មាស​ -- ស៊ីន ស៊ីសាមុត
ស្រី--​ អូនចង់តែស្ទុះទៅត្រកង តែខ្លាចបង អ្នកមិនប្រណី...ប្រណី​អោយស្រីខ្មាសអៀនស្នេហា...​ ​ដូចផ្កា ចោលក្លឹន ពីម្ចាស់ថ្នមថែ....

--​ បងស្រលាញ់ បងស្រលាញ់អូន លុះថ្ងៃសូន្យ ក៏មិនគេចកែ... បងស្នេហ៍តែស្រីលុះក្ស័យសង្ខារ...​ ប្រាថ្នា រៀបការជាគូរមេត្រី

ស្រី--​ ហ៊ី..... ហ៊ី..... សូមអោយ តែពិត ដូចពាក្យបងវាចា....
ប្រុស--​ ហូ.... ហូ.... បងមិនមុសា ដល់ស្នេហាទេ

ស+ប-- យើងរួមសុខទុក្ខ​ជាមួយគ្នា ហើយសច្ចារ ថាមិនចោលស្នេហ៍....ដូចផ្កាយរះមិនឆ្ងាយពីដួងខែ...​ ចាំតែ​ ជាស្នេហ៍អស់មួយជីវិត ។។

18 December 2007

Madame President of the Cambodian Red Cross

ប៉ុន្មានអាទិត្យកន្លង ទៅនេះ ខ្ញុំមាន កិច្ចការមមាញឹកខ្លាំងណាស់ ខ្ញុំទៅជួយច្រូតស្រូវ ម៉ែខ្ញុំនៅឯ ភូមិកំណើត បានជាខ្ញុំ មិនមានពេលចូលមក internet. For the past weeks I was so busy. I was helping my mom harvesting rice at my birth village. That's the reson I was away from computer.

Oh how I could ever getting away from the internet ! Reading news from all over the world. Here from our home last Saturday and Sunday 15 & 16 of December, there appeared to be some quite important event was happening!!. In Tuol Kork district, Phnom Penh all TV stations were broadcasting live on the grand opening of a new Cambodian Red Cross building.

Huge canvas tents were erected. Loud speakers incessantly made announcement on praising of the current CPP leaders with 'great guidance' of leading the country. The attendees responded with " Jeyo jeyo jeyo ! ". I thought there's nothing great about the current government. For nearly 30 years (Since January 1979) the same party is still running and ruining the country. My Cambodia is still one of the the poorest and most corrupted countries on earth.

There were a lot of important people. They stepped out from shiny black Mercedes onto the red carpet. Prime Minister Hun Sen was there and also King Sihamoni.

Among all the people who came the grand opening ceremony of the building, I couldn't help noticing the Madame President of the Cambodian Red Cross, Chumteav Bun Rani Hun Sen. To me she seems to getting a little fatter ក្រមាប់​ ម៉ាប់ each time I see her on TV. It's true. Her face is getting bigger. A click of thought came to me. How did Madame Bun Rani Hun Sen become the President of the Cambodian Red Cross? What is her qualification ? Who elected her ?

OK. I think too much. Bye for now.

Phnom Penh

04 December 2007

The people spoke for democracy and against unlimited power

Here in Srok Khmer among my fellow Cambodians I feel am one of the lucky fews who could read write both in Khmer and English fairly fluently. My ability to understand the English language has really opening up my way of thinking in understanding the changes around me and the rest of the world.

On the current world event I couldn't help comparing Mr. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to my current prime minister Hun Sen.

Yesterday Venezuelan people has voted "NO" and rejected Mr Chavez to become a president for life or until he's 96 years old. I would like to respect Mr. Hugo Chavez accepting his defeat on the ballot he put for voters. He's sad for his current presidency term ends in 2012. He assured the public "Venezuelan democracy is maturing...from this moment on, let's be calm " . He doesn't want people to protest. He continued " There's no dictatorship here."

This make me think about our Prime Minister Hun Sen of whom his CPP has cling on to power since 1979. Twenty-eight years--it's just been too long. PM Hun Sen lately said "បើប្រជារាស្ត្របោះឆ្នោតអោយ អញនឹងធ្វើ នាយករដ្ធមន្ត្រីអស់មួយជីវិត"​-- the language PM Hun Sen chose to use here is like a leader of a gangster mafia talks. He's so arrogant in his speech. It's beyond the English translation "If the people continue to vote for me, I (aign) will be [their] prime minister for life !!". Nobody holding any public offices using derogatory word "aign" in any public speeches like PM Hun Sen at all. Khmer language newspaper here published that Vietnamese settlers always vote for his party. I know for sure giving a fair election at western standard, PM Hun Sen CPP has no chance of winning at all.

Prime Minister Hun Sen built countless schools and named bridges, canals, recreation parks after him. PM Minister maybe good for Cambodia but I still certainly wouldn't want him to be my prime minister for life.

I am optimist my Cambodia will one day come out of this infancy stage of democracy. And I truly hope my PM Hun Sen could learn something from this current world event.

Let me end by stating a quote from American politician, Nicholas Burns commented to the Venezuela voters: "In a country that wants to be a democracy, the people spoke, and the people spoke for democracy and against unlimited power."

Phnom Penh

23 November 2007

Cambodian Bloggers Award 2007

The way I express my writings on the blog here, I don't think I should be at this award event. My close friends also advised me not to attend this event. However, I have obtained the registration form and filled everything out. Please click on the application to read my filled out form.

Phnom Penh.

(Added 25/11/2007) -- I thank you all for my readers' concern. I will not attend this event.

Back in August 30 of this year there was a Cambodia Blogger Summit -- I wanted to go, but didn't. My friends also told me not to go. I told them I just wanted to go there to sit and listen what the summit was about. The organisers wouldn't know who I am. As close friends, they even scolded me in reply "Why do you need to attend it for ? Unless you wanted to become the alligator food, then go"

I know the time is not right yet for me to attend these kind of social function.

One day my hope our leaders, lawmakers to fully embrace freedom of writing and expressing one's own opinion without fear of being persecuted. Change we must for the better and I shall live to see this day.​ ​

១៥​ខ្នើត--កក្តិក Happy Bonn Omtouk !!


== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Cambodian Bloggers Award 2007

Open Forum of Cambodia is holding the Cambodian Bloggers Award 2007 to select Cambodian Bloggers of the year of 2007. This award event will be held on December 22, 2007 from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. in the Conference Centre of World Vision (Address: #20, Street 71, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh).

Interested Cambodians or Cambodian Bloggers can download the application form at http://openetwork.info/award.doc , fill out it and submit it to blog@of.forum.org.khThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or the office of Open Forum of Cambodia by December 16, 2007 at 5 p.m.

For more information, please contact:
E-mail: visal@of.forum.org.kh

13 November 2007

Be my friend or I put you in prison

I am very sad by the verdict of Vietnam court to imprison the venerable monk Tim Sakorn, a Cambodian citizen for charge of stirring up "the unity friendship between Vietnam and Cambodia". Tim Sakorn found guilty of the charge and the court sentences him to serve 1 year time in prison.

Vietnam must realise it cannot coerce the friendship. It's like if you don't want to be my friend, I will come in to arrest you and put you in prison. Still if you show displeasure you don't want to befriend with me, I'll put you in prison too. My mind cannot comprehend this concept at all. Friendship between each other must start from the heart of one another.

I would like to humbly ask Vietnam to free Tim Sakorn.


07 November 2007

We prefer English not Vietnamese

I took this picture yesterday from the back from one of covered-motor taxis here in Phnom Penh . The message on the billboard is good. To foreingners who visiting Cambodia wouldn't know what the billboard is about. He/she has to know how to read Khmer.

But wait ! The Vietnamese texts are right undeneath Khmer. This has baffled me as to why the Vietnamese appeared as a second language in my Cambodia. I know there are a lot of illegal Vietnamese come to settle to Cambodia. Maybe the message is geared toward them.

At the bottom of the sign there are serveral insignias (logo) sponsoring this ad. I notice there are 3 NGO's and Cambodia's Minister of Tourism and Minister of Interior.

I would ask our Cambodia lawmakers Minister of Tourism and Minister of Interior to please not using Vietnamese text as the second language. These days English would be like an international language. Most people read English not Vietnamese.

The English translation of the ad would be "WE'RE DEFINITELY AGAINST CHILDREN SEX TRAFFICKING" .

Our lawmakers has no reasons to promote Vietnamese language inside Cambodia.


01 November 2007

Cambodia: Leader Severs Ties With Gay Daughter

Published: October 31, 2007
Prime Minister Hun Sen said he planned to legally disown his adopted daughter, who is a lesbian, so she cannot claim any inheritance. Mr. Hun Sen made the disclosure about his closely guarded family life in a speech at a graduation.

“My adopted daughter now has a wife,” he said. “I’m quite disappointed.”

At the same time, he appealed to people not to discriminate against homosexuals, adding, “Most of them are good people and are not doing alcohol, drugs or racing vehicles.”
-end of AP quote.
---Vanak's Comment:
Oh, Mr. Prime Minister what a double standard you are ! There's a saying "Do what I said not what I do". Sir, with all due respect, by disowning your lesbian daughter you are discriminating against homosexual already.

16 October 2007

My comments on new title given the CPP leaders

Last week news were dominating the radio and TV in Cambodia. It was the main talk in town on His Majesty, King Norodom Sihamoni of the Kingdom of Cambodia has given new titles to the Cambodian People Party (CPP) leaders.

Chea Sim 's new title is Somdach Akak Moha Thomak Pothisal សម្តេចអគ្គមហាធម្មពោធិសាល ជាស៊ីម
Hun Sen 's new title is Somdach Akak Moha Sena Badei​​ Decho​ សម្តេចអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុនសែន
Heng Samrin 's new title is Somdach Akak Moha Pak-Ngear chakrey​ សម្តេចអគ្គមហាពញាចក្រី ហេង សំរិន

I believe the timing of giving these titles to these 3 leaders of the party is not coincidental but very crucial to boost the popularity of the puppet party that has Hanoi Vietnam as the backbone. The timing is just right for the general election is coming near.

First of all the new title is ridiculous. I attempted my best to pronounce them, let alone knowing what these titles mean.I kept wondering why us Khmer likes to do something so different from the world ? We have so many rankings and tittles !! We're creating new titles thinking we are a sophisticated Kingdom. I'm sure there are higher tittles than these. Just make them up !

Assuming the titles are high enough for whatever the titles mean. Still, these 3 people don't deserve them. What have they done in their leadership to improve our lives? The rich are getting richer the poor are getting poorer. The NGO Global Witness reported widespread destruction of the forest is still continue to this day. Rampant corruption is continues. Land grabbing by the big and powerful people who has connections to the CPP leaders. Bribery always coming into the play. For example, we need to bribe the officials get a property ownership documents, getting driver license, getting birth certificate. Here in Cambodia, even mailing an envelope we need to bribe too !!

Lastly, if King Norodom Sihamoni is not a coward then he's a weak king. Why didn't he have anything to say about protecting the border from Vietnamese and Thail ? How about Vietnamese who's coming to live on Cambodia illegally ? What about Khmer Monk Tim Sakhorn who's the Vietnamese has imprison him ? The king stays quiet and pretenses nothing happening to the suffering of his Khmer people. He now praised the CPP leaders for afraid they might take away his title. By the king's act, he is truly going for the interest for Hanoi government. The king has loss my respect on this part.

Like I mentioned on my profile description, any party that is supporting the interest of Yuon Hanoi, I certainly will not vote for this party.

Phnom Penh.

10 October 2007

Editorial -- Sralanh Khmer News (Issue 525)

This is again an excellent piece of editorial article 'Bawriyai Lek Niss' -- បរិយាយលេខនេះ - (This Issue Editorial) . Printed in Sralanh Khmer issue# 528 -- 09 October 2007.

The editorial is about the past incident where monks from Wat Unnalom and Wat Lanka together had a brawl with Kampuchea Krom monks who were holding a peaceful demonstration against the oppressing Communist Vietnamese government.

Sralanh Khmer editorial section 'Bawriyai Lek Niss' is my favourite reading piece I never fail reading the section. The writing always injecting opinion so freely such as condemning the corrupt Prime Minister Hun Sen government.

The injured monk is Khmer Kampuchea Krom monk. Please continue on reading the article. Click on the article for enlargement.

06 October 2007

Prime Minister Hun Sen Speech on Youtube

I went to Youtube and search for 'Hun Sen' I then discovered this clip that was posted about 3 months ago. Oh I laugh so hard at this clip. Read the comments from viewers
here at Youtube.


Tim Sakorn, the Abbot monk was kidnapped by Vietnam government in late August 2007. Up to this day, Vietnam is still holding him. Let us hope and pray Vietnam would release him soon.


Click on picture will lead to RFA website on the news of Tim Sakorn -- Khmer font must be installed in order to read.

03 October 2007

Khmer Cartoon of CPP logo transformation (Political satire)

Click on the logo of the Prime Minister Hun Sen's Cambodian People Party (CPP) would lead to new logo transformation. It is so true how the CPP has become. Satire Khmer cartoon is taken from Sacravatoons.

27 September 2007

Don't call me a xenophobe .

My previous entry on អនិកជន Anikachun -- What do I think about foreigners/ Khmer returnees ? received some interesting responses. Most notably the lengthy comment posted from Battambangnative has awaken me to reread KC’s final response to my email. Thank you, Battambangnative for your comment!

Regarding free speech, KC wrote “…I also believe that it is good as long as these free expressions do not incite hatred and violence”. He also went on to mention the term " xenophobic" and "racist". This perked my interest to write this blog entry.

After I read Battambangnative comment, I started to think that KC’s response is ambiguous. KC truly did try to send me some message. So now I thought If I write something about the ruling CPP Prime Minister Hun Sen govenment corruption, I ‘m inciting instability and violence. If I write about Vietnamese (Yuon), I’m xenophobic and inciting racist and hatred. This is like when I say the truth, but the truth is not to your liking, then you are accusing me of xenophobic, racist, inciting hatred and violence. Now I’m confused. What can or can’t I say anymore? Enough. I am not xenophobic nor racist. On with the truth how I feel toward the Vietnamese.

As far as the Vietnamese goes, which we always called them ‘Yuon’ really does have the intention to take Cambodia as theirs. (If any foreigner tells you not to use the word ‘Yuon’ because it is racist and derogatory, don’t believe them. We have the word ‘Yuon’ in our Khmer dictionary and it defines that it is not a derogatory term at all).

Back In 1979 just before I was born, Vietnam invaded Cambodia and annexed the country as theirs. I read Cambodia was called “Rath Kampuchea ” or State Cambodia. This implied that Cambodia was not a country but a state, which belonged to Vietnam . This was and is a scary thought. Thanks to the UN world community pressured Yuons to get out of Cambodia in accordance to Paris Peace Accords signed in October 1991.

Vietnam always wants to swallow up Cambodia . They successfully took the lower Cambodia Kampuchea Krom already. Recently I saw Wanna, Khmer blogger posted the a picture billbord that he took in Vietnam. The picture has a fatherly- like Communist leader Ho Chi Minh lifts up a child for cuddling to his mustachio face. On the background there’s the contour of the Vietnamese map covering Cambodia – Laos and the whole southeast Asia. The dreadful Communist red star designates the Hanoi as the capital. Beneath the picture, the slogan read “Let's rebuild our country neater, bigger.

Bigger? Bigger to where ? I know for sure if Vietnam try expanding ‘bigger’ to north of its border into China, the host will surely give the Viets a warm response-- in kind, that is.

A click on the Picture will lead to source at http://blog.icambo.com.

These sorts of belligerent displays and slogan are proof that Vietnam is truly an expansionist nation. They wiped out the indigenous populations in kingdom of Champa and went on to eliminate Kampuchea Krom (Lower Cambodia). We Cambodians and the world should be very aware of Vietnamese.

Please respect our Cambodia sovereign nation. I want my country. I want my Khmer language. I want my culture & tradition. A big NO to Viets in Cambodia. Now please don’t call me a racist xenophobe.

22 September 2007

អនិកជន Anikachun -- What do I think about foreigners/ Khmer returnees ?

I received an email from KC*, who’s currently living in our Cambodia. I choose to post this because the sender asked what's my feeling toward the Khmer returnees who have come back to live in Srok Khmer. This is the very question I wanted to write on the blog entry.

*KC. To protect the privacy, I changed the sender’s name to 'KC' and edited specific country where sender's from to just ‘Europe’.

Here are the sender's mails and my response.

>KC <*****@*******.com> wrote:
> Dear Vanak,
My name is KC, I'm from Europe. I came across your blog by chance and was surprised by your frankness in expressing your thoughts and views. I haven't been visiting many blogs, so I don't know whether you are an exception or rather the rule. However, I think it's great to hear young Khmers expressing freely their clear views on whatever topic they choose.

You talk a lot about politics. As a foreigner living in your country for a little while now, I was wondering whether you are not worried about threats from other people who don't share your political view? I think it is sad that this question is being asked - it shouldn't be a problem at all - but this is unfortunately the reality of Cambodia, that people sometimes have to be careful of what they say. Maybe I'm wrong?

I actually wanted to ask you your view on another subject: Cambodian returnees (Cambodian people who have fled Cambodia during the war to another country such as Australia, France, the US, ... and who now come back to live in Cambodia again).

I have met a few of such "returnees" and my impression is that they are not treated like real Cambodians by local Cambodian people here, and sometimes discriminated against. Sometimes, some of these returnees don't properly speak Khmer (because they have lived for most of their lives abroad), and sometimes they come back to Cambodia as a relatively rich person. Do you think this creates jealously? As a young, local Khmer, what is your opinion on these people? Do you think they can be the future of Cambodia, bringing back know-how and education into your country? Or not? Why do you think they are not always been treated like real Cambodians by local people?

Thanks for your time, Vanak, and keep up your blog!

> Best regards,

Jumreap Soor KC,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am much honoured for your compliment of my writings. I like to write and I try to find the time to write. I write mostly what I feel about. Yes I sometime fear what I write too. My friends have warned me not to write any thing bad about our leaders, the ex-king or the government. I feel this would be wrong. To express what we feel aobut is very fundamental for all of us. Sensible leaders/government should listen to voices of the people rather than to silence them.

Another reason I like to write is I want to practice my English. I learned a lot from reading materials in English. I lerned vocabularies and the writing styles from the readings.

You aksed me how my feeling is like toward "Khmer returnees". For all these Khmer returnees whether they are temporary visiting or permanently coming back to live in Cambodia, we called them "Anikachun" អនិកជន . The term itself already has a negative connotation already. Anikachun literally translated as "a person who has no permanent resident". Anikachun must be a Khmer returnee . You are European, we wouldn't call you anikachun. You're just the foreigner.

My feeling toward anikachun wouldn't fairly represent the mass feelings of the general population here at all. I personally do envying them. They're so rich. They spend their dollars so freely. Most Anikachuns are very nice. Thier morals are straight forward and trust worthy. They accustomed to the good leadership, good governance, with true democracy and rules of law (i.e. EU, US, Australia...etc), that's why I think they seems to have higher morals or ethic than us. Yes, I envying them but also I respect them.

I think Anikachuns and foreigners alike have more of positive influences rather than negative ones on us Khmers. I must say few foreigners are bad. They come to Cambodia to gratify their sexual deviances and exploit underage Khmer women and children. Perhaps few of them. To these individuals if they're found guilty of the sexual offense I would be among the first to support the law to castrate them then toss them in jail for life. Please pardon my strong feeling.

Overall I wouldn't discriminate against Anikachuns or foreigners at all. They came back to the country because they feel attached to it. They love Cambodia that's why they came back to live or visit. They have money. They spent. They create economy for us. They create jobs for us. They teach us. The least us Khmer could do is to learn the good things from these Anikachuns and foreigners.

KC, I hope I answered some of your questions. Thank you again.


>KC <*****@*******.com> wrote:
> Jumreap Soor Vanak,

Thank you very much Vanak, for your long reply and for sharing your views with me.

I totally agree with you that it is a fundamental right to be able to express freely what you think is right or wrong. (I also believe that it is good as long as these free expressions do not incite hatred and violence. For example, in some countries in Europe, it is forbidden by law to express racist views. So although I support very much free expression, I also understand that there are some limits to some expressions if they lead to violence, racism, xenophobia etc.)

It's also interesting for me to hear your perspective on the Khmer returnees living in your country, so thank you again for this.

I wish you good luck with your blog, and hope that you will continue creating positive debates about many aspects of Cambodia. I think more debate is needed and more room needs to be created for new, fresh ideas.

Have a good week!


16 September 2007

The Familiar Sign Dominating Villages Across Cambodia

The bright colourful sign was erected in my village district. It's the ruling party Cambodian People Party (CPP). The party signs are all over on the streets of Phnom Penh too. I saw a lot of them along the Sisowath Quay and on the Russian Blvd. A friend of mine is so tired of this sign. One time he and I came across to the sign and he exclaimed: "Merl ! boros jomkout bey nak ! -- មើល​​ ! បុរស​​ ចំកួត បី នាក់ -- Look ! these three stooges* " I then told him to be respectful even if we don't share their policies of leading our country.

This is a big publicity or propaganda for the CPP. I don't see other party signs at all. I think this is not a fair representation. The CPP controls the laws -- maybe the law allow them to post their own party signs, but when other opposition parties asked for their signs to be put up, permission is needed. Usually permission is not granted; therefore the opposition party signs will be torn down.

Furthermore, the CPP does everything to benefit its own party and pleases Yuon Hanoi. I heard from an elder of my village. He said that many times when any Khmer nationalist asked for permission to have a radio station, the ruling CPP denied by stating the reasons there's no more radio frequencies left. But instead they granted the permission to the Vietnamese immigrant/Vietnamese embassy to operate the Vietnamese language radio station in our Srok Khmer. By pleasing Yuon Hanoi, CPP leaders are indeed stooges*.

- Vanak-

*Stooge -- [informal] Someone who always does what someone else wants them to.
-- Longman Advanced American Dictionary(c) 2000.

10 September 2007

Cambodia Stock Exchange

Recent news is the South Korea will help setting up Cambodia Stock Exchange by 2009. What kind of established companies will be listed in the Cambodia Stock Exchange ? In 2 year time I certainly shall wait and see.

Meanwhile enjoy this satire cartoon from Sacrava Toon. I could'nt help laughing out loud (LOL) all the companies names listed in our stock exchange.

In Hong Kong it has the HANG SANG index. In Cambodia HUN XENG index ? How appropriate !!

05 September 2007

Cambodian Vehicle License Plates

I just strolled along on the street here at Phnom Penh the other day, I noticed there were so many civilian vehicles with different license plates were driving and parking all over the markets and in front of restaurant. I'm not complaining on the cars that have Phnom Penh or Kg Cham or Kg Speu...plates.

The cars I'm talking about are CIVILIAN cars such as Lexus, Landcruiser, Mercedes, Camry...etc. Their license plates are related to government such as :

ខេមរះភូមិន្ធ Royal Cambodian Arm Forces(RCAF) , រដ្ធ STATE, រាជការ Government, នគរបាល Police, រដ្ធសភា​ Senate, រាជវាំង Royal Palace។

These people are corrupt they register their vehicles as such to avoid paying higher tax. I know a family who has his regular pickup truck registered as the រាជការ Government license plate .

10 August 2007

What goes around comes around to haunt you, Mr. Sihanouk!

I apoligise for haven't been updating my blog lately. I will try. I have received many resourceful documentation and Khmer poems to my mailbox. I appreciate a lot. Please keep them coming. I will find time to organise and put them on the internet for all for generation of us Khmers to read. I know most of the great writings are coming from Khmer oversea writers such as America, Australia, Europe....etc. They write so freely I really admire them.
Here's an excellent piece writen by Mr. Soun Sereyratha. My translation: What goes around comes around to haunt you, Mr. Sihanouk ! There are two pages for this poem. Don't forget to click on the second page.

Phnom Penh

02 August 2007

Cambodia-Vietnamese Friendship Memorial

This is late news. I try to get on the internet as much as I could. I cannot help comment on the bombing of Cambodia Vietnamese Friendship Memorial Monument. This past Sunday 29 July 2007, it happened that somebody planted a couple kilograms (3-4kg) of TNT in trying to topple the massive Viet friendship monument. After the bomb exploded, within 2 to 3 hours the police found the suspects right away. Amazing ! The two suspects are both Khmer Krom people.

It is very skeptical for just within hours of explosion, the police found the suspects right away.We ought to think back about incident in 1997 when somebody tossed the grenade into Sam Rainsy crowd, the murdered of actress Piseth Pearlika, shooting of singers Touch Sreynich and Pov Panha Pich, and disappearance of abbot Tim Sakhorn. Our incompetent government have yet to find the perpetrators who has committed far worst crime than vandalising this useless so-call friendship monument.

In my opinion i believe Yuon themselves who planted TNT and then blame on the Kampuchea Krom people -- it is old tactics the Vietnamese uses as an excuse to destroy our Khmer Krom brothers.

25 July 2007

វាក្យសព្ទ សំរាប់ថ្ងៃនេះ Vocabularies for today

I read both Khmer and English news every day. I came across these three words:

1. Cronyism
2. Nepotism
3. Kleptocratic

What do these words really mean ? I went on the internet for the definitions. Here's what I found out:

Cronyism (noun) : Favoritism shown or granted to friends without regard for their qualifications, as in political appointments to office.

Nepotism (noun): Favoritism shown or granted to families without regard for their qualifications, as in political appointments to office or doing businesses.

Kleptoracy (noun) : A government characterized by rampant greed and corruption.

Can anybody think of a country governs by these three characteristic ?

20 July 2007

Fake Monk Tep Vong -- Sralanh Khmer News

This is a very good article I got it from Sralanh Khmer News, issue#456 19July2007. It's an excellent writing on the head monk Tep Vong who serving the Vietnamese boss at Hanoi rather than us Khmer. Although he is the biggest figure of the all Buddhist monks in our coutnry, I have no respect for him. Please read. It contains so much facts all of us 'koun' Khmer children should be aware on the fate of our country. Understanding the intention of Vietnamese is very important. Please, please read.

ខ្ញុំ វណ្ណះ

15 July 2007

យួនលួចដីខ្មែរ កែប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រ -- Vietnam Plundered Cambodia land -- altered the history

This Khmer poem I received from oversea via Email attachment. I really love freedom of writings !! You can write so freely. Poems like this stuck in our hearts so deeply; it will be recited by us Khmer for generations. It's true--Vietnam plundered Khmer land "Kampuchea Krom". Once they took our land, they suppressed the indigenous Khmer. The forced to defrock Khmer Buddhist monks. Khmer cannot practice their custom. Khmer cannot speak and learn our own Khmer language. They fabricated the history of the region. The entire South Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) was Khmer land. Ho Chi Minh City is always "Prey Nokor" to us Khmer. Vietnam must respect Cambodia sovereignty.

The present day Hun Sen government must change the direction to not ever become the slave of Vietnamese government.

14 July 2007

​ខ្ញុំមិនចង់រវល់អំពី​ នយោបាយបាយទេ!​I try to stay away from politics --

​ខ្ញុំមិនចង់រវល់អំពី​ នយោបាយបាយទេ I try to stay away from politics-- but I can't . I try so hard not to involve with politics, but it is so painful to me for all my Khmer families and frineds. The reason is Vietname always have the intention to govern Cambodian just as it does it to Laos at the present day.

I must confess I had a few of Vietnamese ethnic friends who live in Phnom Penh. One time there were some conversation reguarding about Cambodia and Vietname. ALL of these Vietnamese friends think that there should not be any border between Vietnam and Cambodia.

What kind of friends are they? I was a little bit mad but I tried to be calm. Then my response to them was: "Right, there should not be any border between Vietnam and Cambodia. Then all of you Vietnamese must adopt Cambodian way of livings. All laws and regulations must be coming from ភ្នំពេញ Phom Penh--not Hanoi. ​​ All of the Vietnamese must learn Khmer Language. "Khmer" ខ្មែរ​ and only "khmer" is the official language of Indochina . No Vietnamese language and custome to be allowed in Indochina -- if you all agree to this and adopt Khmer style of living then I would agree there shouldn't be any border between us. After these Vietnamese friends heard from my response. They were all quiet.

I then tried to placate to them: We must respect each other customs. Vietnam must give up the idiotic Ho Chi Minh doctrine that Vietnamese is to governed Indochina after the French leaves. Vietnam must stop intervening with Cambodian affairs. Vietnam is Vietnam. Laos is Laos. Cambodia is Cambodia. Let us respect each other. Do not migrate to Cambodia. Respect our borders and country sovereignty.

After I said this, all of my Viet so-called friends were very quiet. I don't know what they think to what I just said to them.

ពីខ្ញុំ​ វណ្ណះ​ Vanak.

11 July 2007

សាមគ្គី "កម្ពុជា-វៀតណាម" ជាអាវុធ សំរាប់បំបាត់ អត្តសញ្ញាណខ្មែរ

I found this article from Khmer Mchas Srok webpage. It's a great article. Click on the left logo will lead to KMS webpage.

If font cannot be read please click here

Thank you Khmer Mchas Srok !

សាមគ្គី "កម្ពុជា-វៀតណាម" ជាអាវុធ សំរាប់បំបាត់ អត្តសញ្ញាណខ្មែរ

សាមគ្គីកម្ពុជា-វៀតណាម ជាអាវុធពិសេស របស់របបភ្នំពេញសព្វថ្ងៃ ដែលគ្រប់គ្រង ដោយ "គណបក្សប្រជាជន" ដែលបាន ពង្រឹង ឡើងតាំងពីឆ្នាំ ១៩៧៩ រហូតមកដល់ឆ្នាំ ២០០៧ ហើយនិងពង្រីក ជាបន្តទៅទៀត យ៉ាងលឿនទៅអនាគត ។ អាវុធពិសេសនេះ ជាអាវុធមួយសំរាប់សម្លាប់ អត្តសញ្ញាណខ្មែរ ជាប្រាកដ ។ ឧទាហរណ៍មួយយ៉ាងច្បាស់ ដែលជាមុខព្រួញ របស់អាវុធ ដ៏ពិសេសនេះ គឺ ការបំផ្លាញ‌ព្រះពុទ្ធសាសនា ប្រពៃណី របស់ខ្មែរ ។

ព្រឹត្តការណ៍ដែលយួន ហាណូយ បាន ចាប់ផ្សឹក ព្រះសង្ឃខ្មែរ នៅកម្ពុជាក្រោម ដែលរស់នៅលើទឹកដី ដូនតា របស់ខ្លួន ហើយដែលមាន កំហុស តែមួយ គឺទាមទារ រក្សាសិទ្ធិ គោរពតាមប្រពៃណី និងជំនឿ ដែលមាន តាំងតែ ពីដូនតា មក គឺ ព្រះពុទ្ធសាសនា តាមប្រពៃណី ខ្មែរនេះហើយ ដែលជាផ្នែក មួយ នៃអត្តសញ្ញាណរបស់ខ្មែរ ។ នេះជា អំពើមួយដែលយួន ហាណូយ បាន ធ្វើ ដើម្បីបំបាត់ អត្តសញ្ញាណ របស់ខ្មែរ ។

ព្រឹត្តការណ៍ដែលកើតមានឡើងនៅភ្នំពេញ ដែលជាទឹកដីរបស់ខ្មែរ កាលពី 03 មេសា ២០០៧ ដោយ អាជ្ងាធរ ភ្នំពេញ និង អាជ្ញាធរសង្ឃ ដែលអនុញ្ញាតឲ ព្រះសង្ឃក្លែងងក្លាយ កោរសក់ ពាក់សំពត់ ពណ៌លឿង ទៅវាយដំ ព្រះសង្ឃ ខ្មែរកម្ពុជា ដែលកំពុងធ្វើបាតុកម្មសំរាប់ ទាមទារឲគេដោះ លែង ព្រះសង្ឃ នៅកម្ពុជាក្រោមនោះ ជាអំពើ មួយយ៉ាងព្រៃផ្សៃ ដោយគេគ្មានបំណងអ្វី ក្រៅអំពី បន្ថោក បន្ទាប ព្រះសង្ឃខ្មែរ ឲខ្មែរលែង គោរពព្រះសង្ឃខ្មែរ ដែលជាទីជំរកនៃឫសកែវ នៃ ព្រលឹងខ្មែរ។ ទាំងអជ្ញាធរគ្រហស្ថ ទាំងអជ្ញាធរសង្ឃ បានអនុវត្តពេញទំហឹង នូវគោលការណ៍ សាមគ្គី "កម្ពុជា-វៀត ណាម" ដើម្បឹកំទេច ជំនឿព្រះពុទ្ធសាសនាខ្មែរ តាម បញ្ជា របស់ ហាណូយ ។

ព្រឹត្តការណ៍ដែលកើតមានឡើងនៅភ្នំដិន កាលពីថ្ងៃ ១ កក្កដា ឆ្នាំ ២០០៧ ដោយ ទាំងអជ្ញាធរស្រុកខ្មែរ ទាំង អជ្ញាធរសង្ឃខ្មែរ បានចាប់ផ្សឹក ចៅអធិការវត្ត ភ្នំដិនខាងជើង ព្រះនាម ទឹមសា ខន ដោយសារ តែ ព្រះសង្ឃ អង្គនេះ ធ្វើមេត្តាធម៌ តាមព្រះពុទ្ធសាសនា ដោយទទួល ព្រះសង្ឃ ស្នាក់នៅ ព្រោះព្រះសង្ឃ អង្គនោះត្រូវធ្វើដំណើរផ្លូវឆ្ងាយ ។ គេយកលេស ជាថ្មីម្តងទៀត ថាជាអំពើ ដែល ប៉ះពាល់ទៅលើ សាមគ្គី "កម្ពុជា-វៀតណាម" ។

សាមគ្គី "កម្ពុជា-វៀតណាម" ពិតជាអាវុធ ដ៏ពិសេស មួយរបស់ ហាណូយ សំរាប់កាន់ក្តាប់កម្ពុជា តាម រយ:អាជ្ញាធរភ្នំពេញ និង អាជ្ញាធរសង្ឃនៅភ្នំពេញ ក្នុងបំណង បំបាត់អត្តសញ្ញាណខ្មែរ ដើម្បីនៅពេល ខាងមុខ នេះ និងស្រូបយកប្រទេសខ្មែរ ឲទៅជា ផ្នែកមួយ នៃ សហព័ន្ធឥណ្ឌូចិន ដែលជាបំណង យ៉ាង ប្រាកដ របស់ហាណូយ ។

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