10 August 2007

What goes around comes around to haunt you, Mr. Sihanouk!

I apoligise for haven't been updating my blog lately. I will try. I have received many resourceful documentation and Khmer poems to my mailbox. I appreciate a lot. Please keep them coming. I will find time to organise and put them on the internet for all for generation of us Khmers to read. I know most of the great writings are coming from Khmer oversea writers such as America, Australia, Europe....etc. They write so freely I really admire them.
Here's an excellent piece writen by Mr. Soun Sereyratha. My translation: What goes around comes around to haunt you, Mr. Sihanouk ! There are two pages for this poem. Don't forget to click on the second page.

Phnom Penh


Khmer Empire said...

Thank you for posting the poems.

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RSK said...

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Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with SOURN SEREYRATHA,almost 2 millions innocent khmer'lives lost under vietnam territorial expansion since 1930 because our stupid king,stupid leaders.
Thank you VANAK that you post this poem.I wish sihanouk and his youn's wife read this poem too.I don't want any revenges from him for my lost brothers and my sisters but I want him to apologize to all Cambodians and do whatever to clean up vietnam from khmer's land then Khmer people can live in peace.Now there are too many vietnamese living in our country,their ancestors long well known as thieves,robbers.vietnam they like tricks to steal and kill peoples like their ancestors when they have seen people are weaker.
So we are Khmers,don't let them override us like sihanok and hun sen.Like I said above, one day at one point that these two are not useful they will get kill by their masters like son ngoc thah,son sen,tou samouth.. ect.