27 June 2007

Khmer Poem: គោព័ទ្ធស្នឹង ស្នឹងយួនដំ ដំខ្មែរដក ដកអោយបាន - Ko Pord Sneng Sneng Yuon Dam

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Last week I came across a stimulating writing I would like to share with you. The author Soun Sereyratha is the master of poems composer! Here in Srok Khmer this is my first time to read the style of a prose like this. I would never know how to write Khmer poem like this. Each word is selected to be rhymed and then re-used as the starting entry onto the next stanza. The content is so meaningful. Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop. I paid to every attention of the words the author chose to use. For example, in stanza#10 I laughed so hard. I know it is by no accident, but the author crafted to have it this way. Twisted words “Sdach Ai ស្តាច់អាយ– Sdai Ach​ ស្តាយអាចម៍”, then immediately leading to the stanza right underneath “Kar Kdan— ក ក្តាន់(I laughed this part). The author carefully avoided the profanity. But​ readers​ would notice the implication​ of the twisted word is there. The content in this part means our King Sihanuok is the type of person who is “si cho”​ស៊ីចូរ,​ យកចិត្ត kiss up to the Viets.

The content of the poem is true. All of us Khmer should be aware of the intention of Vietnam ’s policy toward us. Thank you Mr. Soun Sereyratha for crafted this prose for us Khmer’s younger generation.

Below is the complete text of the original poem. Please click on the image for enlargement of the text .

20 June 2007

PM Hun Sen On Future Oil Revenue

From RFA 18 June 2007, here's my translation off Prime Minister Hun Sen responded to The Cambodia Daily on question concerning Cambodia ’s petroleum revenue:

“I am sick and tired of all news describing about something that is not to be worried about. Also I’d like to thanks all who take part concerning this issue that is not to be worried about. The [oil] treasure is beneath the ocean floor we don’t even know whether it exists or not, but now we’re start worrying about spending the [petroleum income] money. While we haven’t reap not a single cent from the petroleum yet, they even started to ciritisize the government has no ability to manage the money [revenue from the petroleum]. Your[the Cambodia Daily] news is notorious in writing about this issue. Go ahead, The Cambodia Daily, please write about it ! Say that: ‘Now Hun Sen is asking people to help find money for Cambodia rather than discussing about the spending on the money we don’t even have.’ ” end quote.

My comment:
Your wrong, Mr. Prime Minister! Regardless whether we haven’t seen a single cent yet, all us Cambodians have legitimate concerns on this issue. You must have a plan to assure 100% all money will go into our national treasury. No more corruption! No more dealings with circle of friends and families. If our Cambodia government is smart, we better have a plan to pay off the debt to those we owe, World Bank, IMF, China , Russi, and the Yuon Hanoi. After you, Mr. Prime Minister leaves the office, we don’t want so much amount of debt to fall upon our Khmer children for generations. ខ្ញុំមិនចង់ឃើញកូនខ្មែរ គ្រាន់តែកើតង៉ាមកភ្លាម គឺជំពាក់គេ វ័ណ្ឌក ទៅស្រេចនោះទេ។

ពីខ្្ញុំ Vanak

17 June 2007

Within My Khmer concience, I am too shameful

The political cartoon was taken from www.sacrava.blogspot.com. Click on the picture will link to Sacravatoon website.

When I first started blogging in 2005, I was very afraid of saying anything offensive to our current one strongman rule government which is our current Prime Minister Hun Sen. I was afraid to say anything about politics in our Srok Khmer for fear of my life. But now I've come to realized If I'm afraid to post anything I feel it's not right about my country's polyci, then my feeling would be suppressed.

Freedom of feeling should not be suppressed. We should freely express what we feel. The government should listen to voices of the people: Their sorrow, thier hardships, their feelings. Then the governemnt should try to improve and realized what it does for the country is wrong and try to correct it.

Government who silences (kills) the people because of what it doesn't like what the people said (feel), that governent is wrong. The government should listen to voices of the popeople. The government or leader should erase the mentality: "If you said or do anything I don't like, I will silence(kill) you.

I really admired the well developed countries like America, Englend, France, Australia, Japan and other countrys (sorry i could not mention all). Their coutnry are so advanced. They have proven democracy works.​​​ They listen to voices of the people.

I found this polictical cartoon from Sacrava. I feel so shameful of our Prime Minister Hun Sen. We are begging the world for money. I'm too shameful. Prime Minister Hun Sen goverment is too currupt. With millions and millions of dollars from the worlds aide, without corruptions I know our Cambodia can be free from the abyss of this poverty.

thank you for reading my blog.

Svay Rieng Cambodia

14 June 2007

Poem: Family Who Steals Part 1-2-3-4

Khieu Kanharith, Misnister of Information should explain the public on the Global Witness research publication involving mainly Prime Minister Hun Sen's family and friends on destruction of Cambodia forest.

The below poems "Family Who Steals Part 1-2-3-4were forwarded to me. I thought it's very appropriate to post it, since my previous post was about the "Family Who Steals From [our Khmer] Nation by Global Witness. Everybody here in Srok Khmer who keeps up with the news knows it. All involved with our Prime Minister Hun Sen family and friends. So I am just posting this along. I don't think Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information should suppress the Global Witness publication. He should prepare the rebuttal of what Global Witness printed. I believe Global Witness has done a very thorough investigative research with a lot of colour photos to support their findings.

ដើម្បីពង្រីកធំសូមចុចលើimage កំណាព្យ​--For enlargement please press on poem image

Poem: Family Who Steals--Part 2

ដើម្បីពង្រីកធំសូមចុចលើimage កំណាព្យ​--For enlargement please press on poem image

Poem: Family Who Steals--Part 3

ដើម្បីពង្រីកធំសូមចុចលើimage កំណាព្យ​--For enlargement please press on poem image

Poem: Family Who Steals--Part 4

ដើម្បីពង្រីកធំសូមចុចលើimage កំណាព្យ​--For enlargement please press on poem image

06 June 2007

Prime Minister Hun has done it again. The family tree--thievery of the nation

Download Khmer version (Part 1)
Download Khmer version (Part 2)

Download English version (complete)

The Family Tree--Thievery of the nation

Our dearest most beloved Prime Minister has done it again. Global Witness, a non-governmental organisation (NGO)published Khmer version of 120 pages report entitled "Cambodia's Family Tree". For the freedom of information I'm just passing this publication along. Please click on the link to download directly from Global Witness website. There are Khmer version and English version. They are all in pdf format.