15 July 2007

យួនលួចដីខ្មែរ កែប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រ -- Vietnam Plundered Cambodia land -- altered the history

This Khmer poem I received from oversea via Email attachment. I really love freedom of writings !! You can write so freely. Poems like this stuck in our hearts so deeply; it will be recited by us Khmer for generations. It's true--Vietnam plundered Khmer land "Kampuchea Krom". Once they took our land, they suppressed the indigenous Khmer. The forced to defrock Khmer Buddhist monks. Khmer cannot practice their custom. Khmer cannot speak and learn our own Khmer language. They fabricated the history of the region. The entire South Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) was Khmer land. Ho Chi Minh City is always "Prey Nokor" to us Khmer. Vietnam must respect Cambodia sovereignty.

The present day Hun Sen government must change the direction to not ever become the slave of Vietnamese government.


rsk said...

Hello, watch this film, true story.

Cambodia - The Silent Death of Cambodia

click on rsk.


kem thol said...

Don't be fooled by John Pilger's report, his report prove that he tried to support YOUN occupation of Cambodia and providing legitimacy for the KPRP/CPP regime in Phnom Penh. Thanks.

Blog By Khmer said...

According to this video you posted, the narrator Englishman John Pilger doesn't like the Americans. He speaks so bad about Nixon-kissinger. So what do you think of the video? How do you feel about the Vietnamese involement with Cambodia ?

Kem Thol,
Thank you again for your insightful comments.

RSK20 said...

It is a good movie. can you show a proof that he is support youn? and cpp?

Richard nixon is dead now i think. He is the worst president.

Anonymous said...

May be John Pilger's report is being used for YOUN slave of CPPCANADA propaganda, OR perhaps CPPCANADA use it to the YOUN master of HANIO.

I leave it for you to decide

RSK20 said...

Lol, when you said maybe your have to give people the proof. to clarify.

Telling the people about the dirty horrible crimes is speaking for youn? Supporting youns?