13 February 2009

Publications that enhance our Khmer democracy and leadership

Last year after I read "Khmer Leadership Part 1" I had to wait more than 6 months before the Part 2 was available. Now both parts are widely circulated on the internet. I now just finish reading it. These two books are so good. A lot of ideas and accountability of leaderships should be. Not the kind of leaders as Global Witness has recently published in Country For Sale: Welcome to Cambodia

These publications are among those kind our Khmer government would love to burn because the guilty conscience of our current leaders cannot stand the truth. And that's why they want to completely discredit the truth or destroy it.

ពីខ្ញុំ, វណ្ណះ

01 February 2009

Cambodian numerals on Thai currency

"Khmer numerals have been written on every Thai bank note and on every Thai coin along with the picture of the Thai King to prove that Khmer are the Master of Thai always."

Above was the comment left on my blog.

Vanak-Phnom Penh

12 January 2009

My view on Lèse majesté law in Thailand

Website Sacrava by Khmer political cartoonist in Australia was blocked in Thailand for violating Lèse majesté law.

I thought about Lèse majesté law in Thailand. It is the law for individual not to do anything to insult Thai king Bhumibol Aduljadej. Don't critise him. Dont's say bad stuffs about him. Don't draw satire cartoon of him. Don't spray paint over his picture. The offender who violates Lèse majesté will be tossed in jail from 3 to 15 years. So remember one thing, when in Thailand do like the Thais do: "Don't ever insult Bhumibol Aduljadej."

I respect Bhumibol no more and no less than any fellow human being. To me, Bhumibol Aduljadej is no God. My reasons are just simply that Bhumibol eats, drinks, goes to the toilet and furthermore Bhumibol's excrement stinks just like mine and everyone else.

Regarding Lèse majesté, although I think it's archaic and outdated law in this day and age, but nevertheless, it's still Thai's law. If I ever set my foot on Thai soil I would respect their laws. The same if I'm to visit any other country, I would respect the local laws of that country.

Here I am in Cambodia I want to exercise my freedom of speech. Thailand has no right to apply their Lèse majesté upon me.

Thanks goodness. I'm in my beloved country!

Phnom Penh.