14 March 2007

កោះត្រឡាច Koh Tralach

Click the yellow cover page on the left to download this complete book. The book is in Khmer. Sorry its not in english :( But, even if you don't read Khmer, download it for your reference. It's a great book.

កោះត្រឡាច "Koh Tralach" has stuck in me. After I read Khmer book "គុក នយោបាយ Kuk Noyobai--Political Prison" by Bunchan Mol, I was even more curious where "Koh Tralach" is. Thanks to today internet, information can be retrieved at our finger tip.

កោះត្រឡាច Koh Tralach, also known as Poulo Condore, is an archipelago with 16 smaller islands surrounding one large island. It is located in the South China Sea with the distance 230 km from ក្រុងព្រៃនគរ Krong Prey Nokor (Saigon). Koh Tralach always belongs to Khmer. In 1954, the French turned over to the Vietnamese.

Koh Tralach was made into a peniteniary (prison) during the French colonial time. The French sent those who they were suspected to revolt against them for independence to this island.

Excerpt taken from introduction of the book គុក នយោបាយ.

The book I recently read was "Kuk Noyobai" -- Polical Prison by Bunchan Mol written in 1971 is an excellent book to dig into the history. It is a biography journal of the author Bunchan Mol under the French colonialism which he accounted from 1936 to 1945 the end of World War II. Through this book I was so moved how our peaceful, beautiful island of flora and fauna with pristine beaches was made into a living hell under the French then sadly was lost to the Vietnamese.

I highly recommend this book. I just uploaded electronic version (pdf) to my webpage at Esnip. Please click yellow cover page image above to download the complete text. The book is in Khmer. Sorry its not in english :( But, even if you don't read Khmer, download it for your reference. It's a great book.

Like the rest of Cambodia provinces, the Vietnamese have been trying so hard to eliminate any traces of Khmer origin. Koh Tralach these days is called by Vietnamese name 'Con Dao' or 'Con Son'. No matter how hard they're trying, just likeកោះត្រល់ Koh Tral or Koh Trol (Phu Quoc), កោះត្រឡាច Koh Tralach is always in the heart of every Khmer.

ខ្ញុំ វណ្ណះ

ខ្មែរក្រៃលែង--Episode 2 Wat Phnom វត្តភ្នំ

ខ្មែរក្រៃលែង-Extreme KHmer -Episode 2 Wat Phnom វត្តភ្នំ

09 March 2007

Encrochment of Thai On Cambodia Soil

European Cambodia Watch Group requested Royal Thai military coup government to immediately stop their own agenda on encroaching onto Cambodia soil.

Men Nath, the leader of the watch group in Christensen, Norway spoke openly on 07 March 2007 that Thailand has the agenda to continue to intimidate on the line of border between the two countries.

The encroachment from the Thai occurred to the Cambodia side of the border in region of O Kror-ngoogn near the proximity of Pol Pot’s burial place at Anlung Veng. The Thai knowing the place will be becoming a tourist site that could attract visitors to see Pol Pot’s grave, they has sent their elite black uniform soldiers crossing into Cambodia side to put up warning signs prohibiting Cambodian landowners building homes in their own village.

For further details please continue on the reading in Khmer. -- ខ្ញុំ Vanak

07 March 2007

Hun Sen: Don't ask for any more schools to be built, if I loose election

កាលពីគ្រាមុនខ្ញុំ បានសរសេរលើប្លក(blog)ស្តីអំពីចំងល់របស់ខ្ញុំថា ហេតុអ្វីបានជាអ្នកកាន់អំណាចធំៗនៅស្រុកខ្មែរយើង ដូចជាលោកនាយករដ្នមន្រី្តហុនសែន សាងសង់ សាលា សួនច្បារ ស្ពាន ហើយចូលចិត្តដាក់របស់ ទាំងនេះជាឈ្មោះ របស់គាត់ ហាក់ ដូច ជា គ្មានការខ្មាស់អៀនទាល់តែសោះ ...Earlier I have written on this blog of the big powerful people in Cambodia such as Prime Minister Hun Sen who built schools, gardens, bridges. Then he named them after himself. It seems like he has no shame at all. The daily publication of Sralanh Khmer News 06 March 2008 reported PM Hun Sen warned yesterday at Kompong Thom speech that if CPP [his own party] looses the upcomming election, "do not come to beg for Hun Sen or Chea Sim or Heng Samrin for more schools [to be built]”.

Shame on you, Mr. Prime Minister! Improving people's lives by building schools, hospitals, bridges, libraries, roads are the government obligation, sir.

Please continue on reading the rest of the article.