16 October 2007

My comments on new title given the CPP leaders

Last week news were dominating the radio and TV in Cambodia. It was the main talk in town on His Majesty, King Norodom Sihamoni of the Kingdom of Cambodia has given new titles to the Cambodian People Party (CPP) leaders.

Chea Sim 's new title is Somdach Akak Moha Thomak Pothisal សម្តេចអគ្គមហាធម្មពោធិសាល ជាស៊ីម
Hun Sen 's new title is Somdach Akak Moha Sena Badei​​ Decho​ សម្តេចអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុនសែន
Heng Samrin 's new title is Somdach Akak Moha Pak-Ngear chakrey​ សម្តេចអគ្គមហាពញាចក្រី ហេង សំរិន

I believe the timing of giving these titles to these 3 leaders of the party is not coincidental but very crucial to boost the popularity of the puppet party that has Hanoi Vietnam as the backbone. The timing is just right for the general election is coming near.

First of all the new title is ridiculous. I attempted my best to pronounce them, let alone knowing what these titles mean.I kept wondering why us Khmer likes to do something so different from the world ? We have so many rankings and tittles !! We're creating new titles thinking we are a sophisticated Kingdom. I'm sure there are higher tittles than these. Just make them up !

Assuming the titles are high enough for whatever the titles mean. Still, these 3 people don't deserve them. What have they done in their leadership to improve our lives? The rich are getting richer the poor are getting poorer. The NGO Global Witness reported widespread destruction of the forest is still continue to this day. Rampant corruption is continues. Land grabbing by the big and powerful people who has connections to the CPP leaders. Bribery always coming into the play. For example, we need to bribe the officials get a property ownership documents, getting driver license, getting birth certificate. Here in Cambodia, even mailing an envelope we need to bribe too !!

Lastly, if King Norodom Sihamoni is not a coward then he's a weak king. Why didn't he have anything to say about protecting the border from Vietnamese and Thail ? How about Vietnamese who's coming to live on Cambodia illegally ? What about Khmer Monk Tim Sakhorn who's the Vietnamese has imprison him ? The king stays quiet and pretenses nothing happening to the suffering of his Khmer people. He now praised the CPP leaders for afraid they might take away his title. By the king's act, he is truly going for the interest for Hanoi government. The king has loss my respect on this part.

Like I mentioned on my profile description, any party that is supporting the interest of Yuon Hanoi, I certainly will not vote for this party.

Phnom Penh.


CJ Conner said...

I had to laugh because it is true, you do have to pay the post office worker extra money or they won't send your envelope or package- and if you have to come and pick up a package- they will demand a lot of money if they think they can get it. The very disappointing thing is these are just common government workers. My brother told me he went to pick a package up and the man at the counter in the post office had big gold rings and bracelets, and demanded more than a hundred dollars to let him have a package. There was nothing in there, but pictures, and a couple shirts. I think that at the end of the day, these kinds of people, who are just commoners- not officials of any rank in the government- do more to money-rape and rob the people. Why do the Khmer people let them get away with this? Is there any law yet that would put this kind of person in jail?

Okay, so just think about it a minute, and the handful of top level government officials are corrupt, but how much can they steal from the people compared to the thousands of low level government workers that rob their own brothers and sisters, and wear lots of gold jewelry and make their great-grandmothers sit and eat dirty rice in the mud while they build a big house for themselves?

In America, many of our top level government officials are corrupt- so we come to expect it and they get sent to jail when possible, but if the little man at the post office were ever to expect a bribe in return for delivering my mail, we would revolt- and beat them down.

svma said...


Blog By Khmer said...

CJ, thanks for sharing your story.

The postal workers have to bribe the money in order to work in the position. Maybe they have to bribe $10000 or $20000 in oder to work there.
Once they held the position they have to make up the money somewhere. That is why they charge you extra fee for just to release your package. I have had the experience of mailing post-cards to friends overseas. I spent a lot of time with words written on the back of each postcards. I then took them to the Phnom Penh Post Office counter. The lady at the counter was professional. She wore a nice uniform and courteous enough for me to trust her. I asked the price of stamps of mailing post-cards to overseas. She pulled out sheet of stamps, tore the perforated. She told me how much it cost. After paid the amount cost I asked for the stamps so I could affixed to the postcards and drop them into the slot. She said she would do that for me. So I left the post office and felt happy that my friends would received the postcards. Well, I found out not even one postcard that any of my friends received ! I was so mad. What can I do ? If I complain to her superior what good would that do ? Like you said, the guy that has big gold rings and bracelets THEY ALL CROOKS!! I should have insisted affixing the stamps by myself. So here I thought what has happened, the lady at the counter charged me for the stamps, kept the stamps, pocketed my money and tossed my postcards in the trash.

I heard if you want to work at Phnom Penh Airport as a Custome Officier you have to bribe a lot more in order to work there. This is where the money is. Khmers from overseas who come to visit have to give the custom officier some extra money for just stamping the visa entry.

khmerization said...

Vannak, very good comment. i too was very surprised about the new titles. It is not a co-incident. It was a calculated move by both the CPP and the monarchy to strengthen themselves in time pressures and tensions. One more thing, I'd like to have my site link with your site if you agree. Here it is:http://www.khmerization.blogspot.com/

svma said...



svn06 said...

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Why do they have a lots of gangsters in La? poverty?

Sok said...

Hey Vanak, i find this blog of yours interesting. but if i were you, i won't go that far to call the King as a coward. i really love my country. so as well as the king. i really respect him. Our khmer people have exist a very long time ago. we have our tradition. as a Khmer people, we all respect to the king that lead our country from ages. Look at Thailand. Thai people really respect their king. What about us? abusing the King like this? Is this how khmer people act?

Blog By Khmer said...

Thank you for your comments. I changed my wordings a little bit. For our country maybe it is good to have king. Our contry could be prosperous if we have the right leadership. King should be strong. Know what is right and wrong for his people affair and our Cambodia. Rather than to pretend to be deaf and dumb our king should speak out. This make me think if he's not a coward then he's a weak king.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanak! after reading your opinions on your blog, I felt deeply moved because your thought is not much different from mine. It surprises me to see our new generation has good wisdom and vision for our beloved country, but unfortunately our country is curently ruled by a group of bandits whose jobs is to suck Khmer blood, to sell our country, and to steal our nation's wealth. Now all these three big gang leaders have received their new titles from the puppet king who reigns but not rule the country. Along with these new titles, they already got numerous Phd degrees. from many universities. We don't know whether these three monkeys have enough tiltles to be called, enough education to qualify for their jobs, and enough wealth to stop stealing more.
From MN USA,

Blog By Khmer said...

Anon 12:11am,
Very well said. Thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

With this CPP govt. Everything is going flip and flop! Where good word and meaning no longer connects! "High official" for example of the meaning.. These crook have no value or character to obtain these credencial of the meaning.

The way these official representing the people and cambodia is a joke. These official almost make the khmer rouge error look good, instead of themself.

Khmer people will remember these people and their family member, what they did to the poor and innocent.