02 August 2007

Cambodia-Vietnamese Friendship Memorial

This is late news. I try to get on the internet as much as I could. I cannot help comment on the bombing of Cambodia Vietnamese Friendship Memorial Monument. This past Sunday 29 July 2007, it happened that somebody planted a couple kilograms (3-4kg) of TNT in trying to topple the massive Viet friendship monument. After the bomb exploded, within 2 to 3 hours the police found the suspects right away. Amazing ! The two suspects are both Khmer Krom people.

It is very skeptical for just within hours of explosion, the police found the suspects right away.We ought to think back about incident in 1997 when somebody tossed the grenade into Sam Rainsy crowd, the murdered of actress Piseth Pearlika, shooting of singers Touch Sreynich and Pov Panha Pich, and disappearance of abbot Tim Sakhorn. Our incompetent government have yet to find the perpetrators who has committed far worst crime than vandalising this useless so-call friendship monument.

In my opinion i believe Yuon themselves who planted TNT and then blame on the Kampuchea Krom people -- it is old tactics the Vietnamese uses as an excuse to destroy our Khmer Krom brothers.


Prey veng said...

I copied this somebody messages..
It's not my written....

The Number of the Vietnameses in Cambodia

(1)Talking about Youn, they are the bad intention to swallow our country. As a nation, they are hypocrite. In the 10th century, youn had a philosophy to enlarge their territory so-called Nam Tien. Ho Chi minh had its plan to Swallow Cambodia called "The conquest to the west", is the plan to swallow Cambodia. Today, Youn are all over cambodia. Each ministry has vietnamese bureaucrate to control Cambodian Ministry, those people called by Vietnamese is "Ba con Tam".

Prey Veng said...

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Cambodia - The leading to Cap Tren Genocide


During the 70's some 1 million Vietnamese living in Cambodia, most settle under the patronage of the French colonialist, and the majority were clerks, commercialists, and skilled laborers in Phnom Penh. Within all the Vietnamese's they were Vietcong and Vietminh impersonated as Khmer to infiltrate the Cambodian government. (more) (less)

Khmer said...

Cambodia - Mafia state & Drug Lord

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Bougainvillea said...

Talking about Vietnamese, I've met a few of them in Phnom Penh these days, and to my surprise, they speak really good Khmer. I could hardly recognize them as Viet. Lots of sellers at the markets are now almost viet. Well, I just wonder what the hell my people are doing.

popo said...

I found that Vietnamese somehow was more heplful, adjusted more to Cambodian culture, and after a while in the country, they loved it as much as we do. probably you have Viet blood, but you've never known, because 1/2 million Viets have fully become Cambodian since 1955. We shouldn't be so xenophobic. Bearing in mind, there are more Chineses in Cambo and for a few centuries they have always tried to monopoly our internal and external trade. China map included Cambodia, I'm not happy about that.

Anonymous said...

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