14 July 2007

​ខ្ញុំមិនចង់រវល់អំពី​ នយោបាយបាយទេ!​I try to stay away from politics --

​ខ្ញុំមិនចង់រវល់អំពី​ នយោបាយបាយទេ I try to stay away from politics-- but I can't . I try so hard not to involve with politics, but it is so painful to me for all my Khmer families and frineds. The reason is Vietname always have the intention to govern Cambodian just as it does it to Laos at the present day.

I must confess I had a few of Vietnamese ethnic friends who live in Phnom Penh. One time there were some conversation reguarding about Cambodia and Vietname. ALL of these Vietnamese friends think that there should not be any border between Vietnam and Cambodia.

What kind of friends are they? I was a little bit mad but I tried to be calm. Then my response to them was: "Right, there should not be any border between Vietnam and Cambodia. Then all of you Vietnamese must adopt Cambodian way of livings. All laws and regulations must be coming from ភ្នំពេញ Phom Penh--not Hanoi. ​​ All of the Vietnamese must learn Khmer Language. "Khmer" ខ្មែរ​ and only "khmer" is the official language of Indochina . No Vietnamese language and custome to be allowed in Indochina -- if you all agree to this and adopt Khmer style of living then I would agree there shouldn't be any border between us. After these Vietnamese friends heard from my response. They were all quiet.

I then tried to placate to them: We must respect each other customs. Vietnam must give up the idiotic Ho Chi Minh doctrine that Vietnamese is to governed Indochina after the French leaves. Vietnam must stop intervening with Cambodian affairs. Vietnam is Vietnam. Laos is Laos. Cambodia is Cambodia. Let us respect each other. Do not migrate to Cambodia. Respect our borders and country sovereignty.

After I said this, all of my Viet so-called friends were very quiet. I don't know what they think to what I just said to them.

ពីខ្ញុំ​ វណ្ណះ​ Vanak.


Eau Den said...

Mr. Vanak I like your action nationalism. Please!. Continuous! Continuous!. I always support you.

Wanna said...

There would be a big LOST if you stay away from politic.
You are right! The Vietnamese never give their intention up to conquest Cambodia. I myself used to be told by a Vietnamese that during the 1980s (till now), there was a campaign conducted by the Hanoi government to propel the Vietnamese immigration to Cambodia as they're doing to Laos.

Ty2007fromu.s.a said...

Im sorry this is not related to the topic.
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Blog By Khmer said...

សូម​ អរគុណ​ លោកពូ ដែន អូរ​ ហើយនិង​ ​វណ្ណា​ ផងដែរ​!!

Wanna, -- we all should involve with Cambodia direction of politics. I didn't know that the Viet has a campaing to move westward into Cambodia. Cambodia is belong to Cambodia . They should respect that.

Our government now did not do much on the Vietnamese who just comming illegally into our country.

សូមអរគុណ ម្តងទៀត​ for your visit and comments.

RSK2020202 said...

Watch this film.

Cambodia - The Silent Death of Cambodia


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Blog By Khmer said...

Kem Thol,
Thank you again for your insightful comments.

According to this video you posted, the narrator Englishman John Pilger doesn't like the Americans. He speaks so bad about Nixon-kissinger. So what do you think of the video? How do you feel about the Vietnamese involement with Cambodia ?