23 November 2007

Cambodian Bloggers Award 2007

The way I express my writings on the blog here, I don't think I should be at this award event. My close friends also advised me not to attend this event. However, I have obtained the registration form and filled everything out. Please click on the application to read my filled out form.

Phnom Penh.

(Added 25/11/2007) -- I thank you all for my readers' concern. I will not attend this event.

Back in August 30 of this year there was a Cambodia Blogger Summit -- I wanted to go, but didn't. My friends also told me not to go. I told them I just wanted to go there to sit and listen what the summit was about. The organisers wouldn't know who I am. As close friends, they even scolded me in reply "Why do you need to attend it for ? Unless you wanted to become the alligator food, then go"

I know the time is not right yet for me to attend these kind of social function.

One day my hope our leaders, lawmakers to fully embrace freedom of writing and expressing one's own opinion without fear of being persecuted. Change we must for the better and I shall live to see this day.​ ​

១៥​ខ្នើត--កក្តិក Happy Bonn Omtouk !!


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Cambodian Bloggers Award 2007

Open Forum of Cambodia is holding the Cambodian Bloggers Award 2007 to select Cambodian Bloggers of the year of 2007. This award event will be held on December 22, 2007 from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. in the Conference Centre of World Vision (Address: #20, Street 71, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh).

Interested Cambodians or Cambodian Bloggers can download the application form at http://openetwork.info/award.doc , fill out it and submit it to blog@of.forum.org.khThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or the office of Open Forum of Cambodia by December 16, 2007 at 5 p.m.

For more information, please contact:
E-mail: visal@of.forum.org.kh

13 November 2007

Be my friend or I put you in prison

I am very sad by the verdict of Vietnam court to imprison the venerable monk Tim Sakorn, a Cambodian citizen for charge of stirring up "the unity friendship between Vietnam and Cambodia". Tim Sakorn found guilty of the charge and the court sentences him to serve 1 year time in prison.

Vietnam must realise it cannot coerce the friendship. It's like if you don't want to be my friend, I will come in to arrest you and put you in prison. Still if you show displeasure you don't want to befriend with me, I'll put you in prison too. My mind cannot comprehend this concept at all. Friendship between each other must start from the heart of one another.

I would like to humbly ask Vietnam to free Tim Sakorn.


07 November 2007

We prefer English not Vietnamese

I took this picture yesterday from the back from one of covered-motor taxis here in Phnom Penh . The message on the billboard is good. To foreingners who visiting Cambodia wouldn't know what the billboard is about. He/she has to know how to read Khmer.

But wait ! The Vietnamese texts are right undeneath Khmer. This has baffled me as to why the Vietnamese appeared as a second language in my Cambodia. I know there are a lot of illegal Vietnamese come to settle to Cambodia. Maybe the message is geared toward them.

At the bottom of the sign there are serveral insignias (logo) sponsoring this ad. I notice there are 3 NGO's and Cambodia's Minister of Tourism and Minister of Interior.

I would ask our Cambodia lawmakers Minister of Tourism and Minister of Interior to please not using Vietnamese text as the second language. These days English would be like an international language. Most people read English not Vietnamese.

The English translation of the ad would be "WE'RE DEFINITELY AGAINST CHILDREN SEX TRAFFICKING" .

Our lawmakers has no reasons to promote Vietnamese language inside Cambodia.


01 November 2007

Cambodia: Leader Severs Ties With Gay Daughter

Published: October 31, 2007
Prime Minister Hun Sen said he planned to legally disown his adopted daughter, who is a lesbian, so she cannot claim any inheritance. Mr. Hun Sen made the disclosure about his closely guarded family life in a speech at a graduation.

“My adopted daughter now has a wife,” he said. “I’m quite disappointed.”

At the same time, he appealed to people not to discriminate against homosexuals, adding, “Most of them are good people and are not doing alcohol, drugs or racing vehicles.”
-end of AP quote.
---Vanak's Comment:
Oh, Mr. Prime Minister what a double standard you are ! There's a saying "Do what I said not what I do". Sir, with all due respect, by disowning your lesbian daughter you are discriminating against homosexual already.