04 April 2007

My Election Reaction

I hadn't post my blog for the past weeks. Partly because I was so sad. It was the saddest week I've gone through. And another thing there was so much anticipation for the past week of our national commune election. My reaction of this election it was not good. I still think our Prime Minister Hun Sen (CPP) party is controlling the NEC (National Election Committe) . People from my village said when (1) they're corrupt and (2) as power hungry as they are and (3) they're in control of the country, and (4) has Yuon Hanoi as their boss, they could easily manipulate the election result in their favour. Now CPP party are holding most chief positions in the commune villages and districts throughout the country.

I'm not totally all pessimistic. On the brighter side we Cambodians can vote. That is so important. The election rules must follow the western standard. The western countries have proven democracy worked! Just look at their countries, they are so advanced. Now all what we Cambodians must do is copy what's working and what not working from them and learn from them. We must humble ourselves. Don't be too proud and hard headed (Kbal reung).