10 January 2007

ស្រាធ្វើអោយមនុស្សស្រវឹង Wine makes people drunk

A drunkard. Heracles statue, from the House of the Stags, Herculaneum. (1st century AD)

ស្រាធ្វើអោយមនុស្សស្រវឹង តែស្រវឹងនិង <<អំណាច>> គឺស្រវឹងខ្លាំង ជាងស្រាទៅទៀត Wine makes people drunk. But, “power” makes people drunk even more.

American Congressman from California, Dana Rohrabacher directed the question to Gnoun Ngel ងួនញ៉ឹល, our country’s law maker of CPP suggested the current prime minister Hun Sen of our country to retire at around the same time he's retiring. He said Hun Sen should not ក្រាញអំណាច hold on or cling to power for so long.

Mr. Gnoun Ngel ងួនញ៉ឹល responded to Mr. Rohrabacher stated the election laws warrant to elect a prime minister when the party has won the election. Then Mr. Rohrabacher replied it has nothing to do with the election law. It’s very much based on ‘personal decision’ that Hun Sen should retire.

I agree with Mr. Rohrabacher. Retirement is a personal decision to act for the benefit of the country. If any individual hold on to power for so long that person is truly drunk with or addicted to power. Thus, the country continues to be corrupted and advances to nowhere.


Khmai said...

I think there should be a "term limit" for Prime Ministers, just as there are term limits for United States Presidents.

In my humble oppinion, a 3 term limits of "12" years should be sufficient enough for Cambodian officials. When they retire, they can always serve the public through charity organizations and so forth.

A democratic society needs a "constant" flow of new individuals and new ideas for it to advance.

Khmer2007 said...

Video 2005

Khmai said...

10 Years is fine too. Just as long as there are term limits, I am all for it.

Proxy Indian said...

I think that's one of the problems in the US... I mean, why society here has had such a hard time keeping up with Europe... There are too many people living too long and holding onto the values of their youth. I think that the young people here are so different than my generation, and I'm 40. In the past, the values of the next generations were able to replace outdated ones because the old people died. I hope that doesn't sound harsh but that's what's been on my mind.

Blog By Khmer said...

Thanks for your comments.
I can't really relate to life in America's like for I never been outside of my Cambodia. But one thing I admire about America and other western countries are their democracy and the freedom of expression. I saw at a Cambodian blogger posted picture of a man walking in front of the American Capitol building (whitehouse?) holding a homemade sign that say "Impeach Him". Now this is what I call true freedom of expression. Try to do like this on the street of Phnom Penh Cambodia here, you'll end up in prison for sure; that is if you're not dead.

AnythingAtAll said...

I agree with the term of president or prime minister; it should be only 2 or 3. When one stay too long, one will never want to step down of power and one will not worry about being executed. So you do bad thing.

Blog By Khmer said...

Thanks you for your comments. Yes, term litmit is a must for our Cambodia. Let hope there will be a change in our law.