31 January 2007

PM Hun Sen's Vulgarity

On recent event, Prime Minister Hun Sen has just received a honourary PhD degree in Education from Hanoi National University . Professor Nguyen Viet Thinh from Hanoi awarded him the certificate at the Ministry of Foreign Affair in Phnom Penh .

I’m wondering how many PhD’s has PM Hun Sen received? I know at least one university in the United States also gave him the PhD. I can’t remember what's the name of university and in what year they awarded him.

Now since Dr. Hun Sen is highly educated, he should at least behave and speak like one. I’ve noticed he’s so vulgarly contemptuous in his language almost every time I saw him on TV. He yells with words a mafia thug would choose to use. (Refer to the Khmer caption/picture). The language Dr. Hun Sen uses is beyond my translation’s capability into English. You just have to know Khmer language/culture in order to understand a deeper meaning. For example, calling or addressing people as 'ah' is very condescending and very rude.

One time I posted onto one Khmer blogger webpage saying something like " នៅស្រុកខ្មែរ អាណាមានលុយ អាណាមានអំណាច គឺអាហ្នុងឈ្នះ Noev Srok Khmer, ah nah mean luy, ah nah mean om-nach, ah nung chnass -- translation: In Cambodia, whoever has money, whoever has power that person wins". I felt very bad for I chose Khmer word "ah" អា​ rather than "neak"​អ្នក. I wowed not to use this kind of language ever again.

In a civilised world no matter how educated or not educated we are, we don’t need be vulgar in our language. Dr. Hun Sen needs to be civilised himself. As a leader, he should tone down his choice of wordings to the respectable level of a prime minister.


Anonymous said...

can peple don't want honorary degree?

Blog By Khmer said...

I think you can refuse to accept (decline) the honourary degree. I would decline if a university to offer me a PhD(doctor) degree. I didn't go to school to earn it, I would feel so much guilt. I don't know where in the case of our PM Hun Sen. He probably proudly hang the degree certificate on the wall.

I know people even declined the Nobel Prize award. I read that Yukio Mishima, a Japanese writer repeatedly declined 3 times to accept Nobel Prize in Literature.

thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

In some terms he may deserve the degree and I won't go to blab anything about it.

But, I don't have anything to comment on his language usage.


Wanna said...

I wish other country, rather than Vietnam, honored him with the nomination.

Blog By Khmer said...

Thank you, Wanna for visiting. Normally, the university invites the recipient to come and then presents the certificate to that person. I never seen they come to you and give you the certificate in Phnom Penh!. I read one Khmer newspaper PM Hun Sen didn't smile very much during the certificate presentation. Maybe he wasn't too happy or proud to receiving it.

Mr. Khmer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blog By Khmer said...

Sousdey Mr. Khmer,
Please stay within the topic of the blog. I am welcoming your open discussion whether you're agree or not. This is freedom of speech.

It appeared your comment was out of the scope from my topic. You were promoting your own agenda.

I am sorry to inform your post was deleted.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in you, blog by khmer. Judging from your site, it seems as though you are not happy with the leadership of God King Samdach Hun Sen. Your articles indicated you are one of us, resideing in the western hemisphere, enjoying all the luxurious things such as the internet, books, expensive watches. You seemed to be fond of the western world- freedom of speech, democracy all of the other BSs. Yet, you chose to delete my post because it opposed your idealogy. You are not what you claimed to be. You are a hyporocrite. If you are what you claimed to be, I demand you put my original post back on.

Mr. Khmer!

AnythingAtAll said...

Hey Mr. Khmer
You might have said something too bad. That is why your cmment was deleted. I guest...

If you criticize in a contructive way, you should be fine.

Anonymous said...


I did not use bad language. I did not criticize Vanak. All I said was pointing out how Cambodia prosper under Honorable Samdach Hun Sen, and he deleted my blog. This is contradictory to his quote at the top of his site,

"Suppress me no longer. Allow me to freely write for expressing my opinion and interests through this blog for the world to read."

By deleting my post, which I think pointed out lots of good things about Samdach Hun Sen, is limiting my freedom of speech. This is the internet, the only forum where one may express his freedom of speech. It is not China. I feel like I am in a Communist country now. I am mad!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Khmer

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Mr.Khmer. If what Mr.Khmer's saying is true then you must repost it.

Blog By Khmer said...

PM Hun Sen ? Let me be clear. I don't hate him. I may disagree with his policy of leading our Cambodia. But this is another topic. Not now. Not here.

Let take it this ways, at your house you have rules-- things you like and certain you don't want to happen within your own home. If I am to come to your home to urinate on your blankets and defecate all over your cooking pots and dishes, it is not my freedom or my right to do so; and most certainly you would not like that.

I know you are attacking me personally. You still not conform to the topic of my blog discussion. Please understand I maintain my blog I see fit. Again, if I perceived your comment to promote your own cause or agenda, it will be deleted. As for derogatory languages, that too will be deleted. And the same thing applied if somebody to advertise anything, for example like "penis enlargement device", will also be deleted -- believe or not, this one got posted to my comment blog a couple of times.

Thank you for your understanding.


Anonymous said...

But Mr. Khmer says is right. You want th freedom to say what you want but you don't let him says what he wants. You have to sets of rules.

Anonymous said...

I mean you have two sets of rules. One for yourself to say anything you want, but Mr. Khmer cannot say anything you want. I know it's your website but you're contradicting yourself.

Anonymous said...


Since you feel that way, I will not set foot on your site again. I will go somewhere else where I can express my freedom of speech.

Mr. Khmer

AnythingAtAll said...

I agreed with freedome of speech. You can say what you think and you can express your opinion.

But I also agreed with Vanak about his right in his blog. Even in my blog i will do the same if someone come and just say bad language that I don't like. If he THINK the post is not acceptable according to his OPINION he can do whatever he want.

Sokho said...

So true. PM Hun Sen sucks. I MEAN..Doctor Hun Sen.

As long as a University like Harvard, Oxford or Stanford doesn't give him a Doctoral Degree, we're fine.

Shame on those who do give him one though.

Anonymous said...

Doctor Prime Mininister Hun Sen deserves all the degrees he received. The people of Cambodia should be thankful for al the good things Doctor Prime Minister Hun Sen did.

West Point

Blog By Khmer said...

Yes, thank you! good point. If Cambrige, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford give him the degree, then PM Hun Sen would be somebody.

thank you.