18 January 2007

Who's who behind destruction of Cambodia (Book Review)

This is the book I think our PM Hun Sen and the cohorts of his CPP party would love to ban. The title of the book is “Angkar Chea Norna ? “ Who is Angkar ?” The book reveals who’s who behind the organization which led to the destruction of our Cambodia. On the cover of the book has 6 headshot pictures: Ho Chi Minh , Sen Gnoc Minh, Tou Samuth, Salot Sar (Pol Pot), Chea Sim, and Hun Sen. The book is written in 1994 by Kim Thi Uy, nickname “Yey Tieng” (Grandma Tieng).

I just started to read the first couple of pages and now I am hooked. It’s extremely interesting to me. Now at page 17 where it’s describing the expansionist Yuon of Tonkin killed and completely annihilated the entire Cham race. The Chams kingdom of Champa was wiped out from world map by Vietnamese in year 1696 AD. Yuon then changed the name Champa to Annam and continued to expand southward. Our Khmer provinces were falling one by one and eventually our entire Kampuchea Krom region was swallowed up by the Vietnamese in year 1840 AD.
I highly recommend this well researched book. It came in 3 volumes. You can easily find “Angkar Chea Norna ?”at booksellers everywhere throughout of our country.

Thank you, Kim Thi Uy (Yey Tieng) for putting the pieces of our history together for the young Khmer generation like me to read. Through this book, I’m even more aware the intention of our neighbour Vietnam was, still is , and always up to no good.

(Poem is taken from introduction of the book. Click on the content for enlargement)


Anonymous said...

I just read some of your previous posts. You seem to have lots of good books about Cambodia. If only you have time, please share it with us by scan it to the computer or something. I would be appreciate your work. You know it's difficult to find the books written in khmer abroad.

Blog By Khmer said...

Thanks for visiting and your comments, anon@8:29pm. Over here books such as "Angkar Chear norna?" costs about USD$3 for the entire 3 volumes. It's expensive for us. If I have proper scanner and time I would very happy to scan them all 700+ pages and put them online.

After i wrote this blog, i just found out website whjavascript:void(0)
Publish Your Commentere they have this book and others for you to download. It may not be complete text, but you might want to frequent the site just in case they're continuing to upload more. The link is:
(Scroll to the bottom of the page).

My blog is independently wrote and have no affiliation to that website nor any others.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Sombo said...

Khmer rouge said: Angkah Ler. Banh chea mork pee angkar ler. when we ask them why? They said Angkar ler order them, they are just do what was order.

We used to ask them why? when they told us to do this to do that.. go to work at this place go to work at a new place, we asked them why? They said Angkar ler told them. Ler ( the top ) Angkah ( Organization )

Angka ler is their top governtment.

Angka ler is their Master, teacher. A secret organization.

Who is the secret organization?
Who is Angka Ler? Read that book : Who is the secret organization. Angka ler jea Norna?