24 January 2007

A little awkwardness...

"...I hope[...] we might see each other again."

"Do you mean that?"
He put his arms around her. "I'm scared to tell you how much I mean it."
"Scared ?"
"Of frightening you off. I said a foolish thing earlier."
"About marrying me and having children ?"
"I mean it, but I said it in an arrogant way."
"That's OK," she said. "When people are perfectly polite, it usually means they don't really care. A little awkwardness is more sincere."
"I guess you're right. I never thought of that."

Jackdaws--page 247. (c) 2001 Ken Follet

I really like the open attitude of the main character, her nickname is Flick in the novel "Jackdaws" by English writer Ken Follet. Above passage is the conversation between Flick and Paul taken from the story.

Our Khmer girls should remember if the guy is a little awkward when he speaks and acts, it's because he's sincered. But, beware if the guy is proper and polite for he has so much to hide.

This maybe true. I know some people are so proper and polite but inside they're bad; they look down on people with dark skin. They think dark skin are people from Srok Sreh (countryside ជាអ្នកស្រែ).

Regardless how each one of us looks on the outside, we should be valued people who have true motive with good intention from their hearts.



Chanbopha said...

Eventually, such conversation sounds cool too me! lol

Blog By Khmer said...

haahhah funny! "Eventually" i understand --you have school to finish.

Hey CB, even master writers, Bestsellers write simple English, no big vocabularies such as in that conversation. Everyday talks "simple" so readers can easily absorbed into the story. I know you're a good writer just like any of the bestseller authors because you have very good imagination.

Chanbopha said...

Eventually it's not because I have school to finish, it's because of after all I've read what on your article.

Thanks for your warm encouragement, actually I've been thinking to start my writing again lately.

Blog By Khmer said...

CB, Sorry. I misunderstood you completely. Thanks for the clarification.

I'm just so exicted at the moment I'm reading another Ken Follet novel. This 1989 novel is SOOOOO GOOOOD! The title is "The Pillars of the Earth". 1989! that year I was around 7-8 years old !!hahah. That time if I wasn't naked, probably shirtless running around on the 'pleiu sreh'--raised dikes between rice paddies.

Anyway, I'm so surprise. Usually Ken Follet is a modern spy-action pack author like Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum. But, this story "The Pillar of the Earth" took place during the 12th century from 1135-1174 AD. It's a harder read than "Jackdaws" for the structures and wordings are more better crafted. Which I really like.

Chanbopha said...

Well, 'coz I am not involved much with my private life!

You're a bookworm really! I am not. Well, good for you!