16 January 2007

រដូវច្រូតកាត់ប្រមូលផល-Rice Harvesting Season

Ah...'tis the season of harvesting.

When harvesting time comes every one of us is very happy.Rice yield this year is more than the previous. Thanks the heavens for the abundant rainfall we had.

It's cold and windy in morning, we're always wrapping ourselves in our ក្រមារ​ krarma (scarf). Our long-sleeve

shirts and kramars help shield from the nature's elements of cold wind and sun ray.

Rice exporting from our Cambodia are mainly to Vietnam and Thailand. There is no direct export from our country going to America, Europe or Australia at all. This is due to the corruption of our government who top leaders expect some money under the table or as we call it here

'tea money' លុយទឹកតែ​ or simply bribery when any Khmer entrepreneur wanted to start an import/export business. I hope one day our government will eliminate bribery practice. Rather than taking bribery, the government should encourage and even give incentive to entrepreneurs who want to start up an import/export business.

Our Khmer homegrown rice tendered from the growing to harvesting seasons, through sweat and hard work. I am so sadden once they exiting to our neighbouring countries, our authentic Cambodia rice are labeled as 'Product of Vietnam' or 'Product of Thailand' and ready to be exported to America, Europe and the rest of world. :(


Thy said...

nice pictures. i will have to come back and read the article later.

Khmai said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. It reminds me of an old song, "Gis ler Knong Grabey" or "ride on the back of buffalo".

I love Khmer fruits, rice, and diet. Here, in the States, there are many Khmer stores. Alot of the products are labeled, made in Thailand, or Vietnam. Maybe one day, we'll get direct export from Cambodia.

There is one positive sign. When I buy clothes from "OLD NAVY" stores, there are quite a few that are "made in Cambodia".

If shipments were much cheaper, ALOT of Cambodia's art and collectibles would sell like hot cakes.

Khmer2007 said...

Wow nice pictures. Thanks,
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Khmer2007 said...


now it might work.

Blog By Khmer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to read more of your comments. I visited your blog. Nice start up! I will sure take time to comment.

hahhaa i got to take some picture of "Gis ler Knong Grabey" for you if I have the opportunity. I'm glad and proud to see clothes 'Made in Cambodia' made across to America. I know our Srok Khmer very capable of exporting exotic goods to outsider.

Khmer2007, thanks for the visiting and your compliment.

Khmer2007 said...

Min ey te. Orkun.

AnythingAtAll said...

You got nice pictures, hope to get some more...