26 October 2006

What I Think About Conscription Law

Logo of Cambodia National Assembly. It recently has just passed the conscription law. It requires to draft men from 18 to 30 years old to serve in the military.

Cambodia 'Rath Sakphea' National Assembly has just passed the conscription law. The new law requires men of my age to serve the military for 18 months. If our Cambodia in the time of war I can understand that. But,we are in the time of peace. Economic development and education should be our top priorities. We don't need to have a larger army. Who are we going to fight against ? The Vietnamese ? The Thai ? Militarily, we have no chance against the modern weaponry of these powerful neighbours. Educate ourselves and learned the internation law is more beneficial should 'muy jom-arm' ( 1 inch) of our land is encroaching by them.

According to western voices this conscription law is to correct the Cambodia unemployement problem. So true, I agree with the western critics. Cambodia should have strong rule of law. Clean up corruption in all of the government posts, such as police, judges...etc. If our country is free of corruption, then outside countries would be willing to invest and woudn't be afraid to do businesses in our country. This will lead to economic development.

Mandatory serving in the military will put me 18 months BEHIND from my pursuing goal. I am so sad and afraid of the military drafting law right now. How incompetent these Khmer law makers. Who's in the right mind came up with this ?
Insanity. I will not vote for the persons or the party who are made and passed this law. In such a peaceful time as now, whoever came up with this law are not out here to serve the public for prosperity of Cambodia; they are very, very short sighted.


Anonymous said...

i support the law, young men must serve their country, know what war is, serve community by being a monk for at least 6 months, and know who buddha is.

education is key to:

Unfied States Of Asia

don't worry about our neighbors,
we are friends.

to understand political manuvers is to ask the question why does the telomere conscripts to nonderivatives?

Kampuja said...

Khmer Book.



khmai said...

I agree with you. At present, government should focus more on education, economy, and fighting corruption.

Kambuja said...

Yes i agree with you. Until Cambodia is richer they can do this.

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moi28 said...

Cambodia has too many problems to solve -too many, I cannot count based on my observation. I don't blame your sudden fright of this draft which required by law to serve the country. How I know?
Cambodia's leaders are the least educated and the most brutal people and no way they can build Cambodia as you or others expect.
Besides those Cambodian leaders such are Khmer Rouge who're installed by the Vietnamese.
The Vietnamese are not to be trusted based on the history and if you read and understand what Ho Chi Minh's intentions toward Cambodia and Laos, you already know
Laos & Cambodian governments are being controlled by the Vietnamese government. That's the fact.

If Cambodia has good leaders who possessed with both intellectual intelligence & emotional intelligence, she would have been progressed and the sufferings of her people will be gradually decreased.

Addition to what has been said, this selective service system (Draft) must have in spite of the fact that Cambodia is small or poor. It helps Cambodian people to be ready for the future attack by the aggressive neighbors such as Thailand and Vietnamese. It is not pertinent to argue that Cambodia is small therefore no need the army is a mistake -the mistakes were made by King Sihanouk and by the Viet's propaganda. King Sihanouk later admitted that he was wrong for helping the Vietnamese, the crocodile.

However, the question should be asked "Why are Cambodia and Laos have no border with the Vietnamese?"

If anyone tells you to not worry about these aggressive neighbors teh most deceptive Vietnamese & Thai, that person are engaging with the propaganda for Viet to colonize Cambodia which in fact the Army of the Vietnamese have never left Cambodia. One might not see them because they are also Cambodians, and one of them is Hoc Lundy (Nguyen Van Son) -who knows how many of the Vietnamese sleeping force in Cambodia?

Cambodian people must be all educated and understand what has been happening around the world and in their own backyard.

I support the draft but one must know beforehand if it serves the Vietnamese's interest or for the interest of Cambodia.


My opinions

Blog By Khmer said...

Now I see. You're very patriotic. I like what you said here a lot. All are very true.

It's so sad for our country. The voice of people has to come to relialize what are good for the country so that they can vote for the party to lead the country out of corruptions.

I know many western countries such as Australia, Europe and America, they have the system that works already. All us Khmer need to do is to adopt (copy) from them.

Oh..i wish our leaders have the brain.