25 October 2006

The Fool of A Prince

The Fool of A Prince

There is news all over here in Phnom Penh on Prince Norodom Ranariddh has been ousted from the leadership of FUNCINPEC party will start a new party. This is what I called the 'Fool of A Prince', and Prime Minister Hun Sen 's dream comes true. PM Hun Sen loves new parties created. The devision of the opposition parties would weakening the core of the opposition itself. Split votes would be resulted from the multi opposition parties. Thus, Mr. Hun Sen's party will ALWAYS win the election. Since the plan fall right into it perhaps PM Hun Sen himself is behind the scheme of Prince Ranariddh's ousted.

Why us Khmer never learn ? The prince's pride and the ego are so high. I wish he would just accept the fact. Humble himself. Rather than start a new party he should throw support to endorse the FUNCINPEC party. Be true to the party for he will win the people's heart and mind. 'Humble' is the key word. Apologize to the people and his party that he had disappointed them. Come out clean !! I have a soft heart readily to forgive, forget and live on.

One thing is optimistically about my Cambodia is that we still have the opposition party in the political arena, or otherwise we're no different from our neighbour Laos, where I think Hanoi is currently dictating the head governement at Vientiane.

From My Opionion,
Vanak Thom


M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

I agree with you, Thom. He is not going anywhere further by starting a new party. What a cynical man! He is only bringing shame on Cambodian royalty.

Kambuja said...

5 years is too long term. Can they change to 4 years term like the u.s.a? United States president only have a 4 yrs term in the office. If he done a good job he might win for one more term. They are only allow for two terms. I think this is the best way to make a change to improve. Can they work on this?

Chanbopha said...

He lost my respect long ago. Now he's such ashamed.