11 October 2006

Another Gift from Prime Minister Hun Sen

No need for translation on this one. (Please click on the picture for larger view).

Politicians are public figures to serve the interest of the public. The populace voted for them, therefore all politicians are open for criticism. That's what it should be. I'm just expressing how I feel that is all, I'm not even criticize. Do I just keep my mouth shut and always praise that our dearest leader Prime Minister Hun Sen is ALWAYS right ? Truely I don't hate our prime minister. But can I disagree with his policy or do I have to agree with the prime minister ALL of the time ?

I never been outside of our country. I've learned from reading a lot materials. I am not sure if the western countries are like Cambodia in regards to naming a bridge, school, hospitals...etc as 'THE GIFT' from thier current leaders. For example,

Australia: Bridge is GIFT from John Howard.

France: School is a GIFT from Jacque Chirac.

USA: Hospital is a GIFT from George W Bush

They may named in honoured of someone, then that would be OK with me. In our Phnom Penh we have Luis Pasteur Hospital, Mao Tse Tung Boulevard...etc. This is fine with me. (Although I'm not too fond of naming our road after a Communist).

If anybody has comments please enlighten me on this. Thanks for visiting my blog.



Khmai said...

"Hospital is a gift from George W. Bush" ... Liberals and media would have a field day on that one.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha may be it's from American tax payer money. Government money is from American taxes payer money. U.S Government spending is from American Taxes payer. Money for the defend is from the American taxes payer.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a tactic to Name a bridge a Gift from hun sen. To advertized so he want to stay inpower and get very rich. Some people is like if you cannot beat them joint them.

khmai said...

About 50% of U.S. money is from tax payers, the other from foreign investors.

Tax money, IF PROPERLY IMPLIMENTED, is not a bad thing. In fact, it's what separate a solid country from fragile ones. With tax, you have better infrastructures and accountability; more so than non taxed or very little taxed countries.

Blogs By Khmer said...

Thank you Khmai and Anonymous(es) for your comments. Here in Srok Khmer, there's no way of collecting taxes. The only tax I've known is those tax collector imposed on curside stalls or the stall partitions such as at Psa Tmey. They impose on the seller or the owner of the stalls. Government may have way of collecting taxes from big companies such as Soukimex, Okna Kit Meng's Mobitel, and Mong Rithy Group, and others. Or maybe since they are so big, they could bribe their way out from paying any taxes. This, I don't know for certain.

In America or other western countries, what kind of taxes are collected from the people ?

Wanna said...

Even here, Vietnam, I've never seen any gift privately from its leaders. The Khmer leaders are (too) good with its people.

Anonymous said...

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Khmai said...

In America, citizens are taxed on just about everything you can think of. If you buy something, you are taxed: gasoline, grocery, clothing, even online purchases. Your paycheck is taxed in every possible way. You then have property tax (home and land; the bigger the house, the more tax it is, and also depend on location), car tax, business tax, income tax, etc.

The more money you make (middle to upper middle class), the more tax you have to pay.

However, there are some loopholes for the super rich, or those who are financially educated. The rich doesn't have to own alot of money to be rich. They just own alot of assets: like buildings and stocks. They escape most taxes through corporations.

Again, taxes, if used properly, is not all that bad. Unfortunately, there are too many greedy politicians who mishandle the money.

America while rich still has some setbacks, and the majority of middle class folks are working just to keep afloat.