04 October 2006

A Gift from Prime Minister Hun Sen

Sangkai River Bridge 91.50meters
Gift From
Samdach Hun Sen, Prime Minister
of Kingdom of Cambodia

I think the bridge shouldn't be labeled as a gift from any individual person. It's more like a government's responsibility and duty to build/maintain roads, irrigations, bridges, schools, hospitals...and so on to improve the lives of the people.


hp said...

Well, it may be no problem if that person paid their own money to build it. Maybe our Samdach HUN SEN has alot of money lah...(???)
OK, don't wanna say anything related to politician.
Please let me add your link to my blog!

Anonymous said...

A gift from international aid donner. Just put in his name to trick people who cannot think.

Blogs By Khmer said...

Politicians are public figures to serve the interest of the public. The populace voted for them, therefore all politicians are open for criticism. That's what it should be. I'm just expressing how I feel that is all, I'm not even criticize. Do I just keep my mouth shut and always praise that our dearest leader Prime Minister Hun Sen is ALWAYS right ?

I never been outside of our country. I only read a lot. I am not sure if the western countries are like Cambodia in regards to naming a bridge, school, hospitals...etc as 'THE GIFT' from thier current leaders. For example,

Australia: Bridge is GIFT from John Howard.

France: School is a GIFT from Jacque Chirac.

USA: Hospital is a GIFT from George W Bush

They may named in honoured of someone, then that would be OK with me. In our Phnom Penh we have Luis Pasteur Hospital, Mao Tse Tung Boulevard...etc. This is fine with me. (Although I'm not too fond of naming our road after a Communist).

If anybody has comments please enlighten me on this. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Khmai said...

I agree. It would be laughable if this were posted in the States. I can't imagine any gift from our local politiicans.

I love free Country said...

We don't have a gift from Geoge Bush, Bill Clinton a road or Bridge any where. Delaware Bridge very nice looking. I think it's old but looking beautiful. It's just said Delaware Bridge, in
America. Geoge Bush doesn't put his name on any bridges.