29 August 2006

Krong Sopheamit

Over the weekend I picked up a Khmer classic ‘Krong Sopheamit’. This book was short. It is about 100 pages long written in such poetic prose. I was so captivated by the story which entirely written in 3 Khmer poem tunes of Bot Kaketek, Bot Puchunglilea and Bot Pumnol. The author did a superb job on narrating the story; in every page it was so descriptive and full of imageries. (Please read the excerpt below)

The story was about a compassionate king named Krong Sopheamit who has younger brother named Preah Ak-Sopheamit. The king’s younger brother Ak-Sopheamit built up the army for plotting to overthrow his brother and took over the throne for himself. Krong Sopheamit knew the deceitfulness of his younger brother. So to avoid the feud, war, and bloodshed, Krong Sopheamit gave up the throne and exiled himself far away from the kingdom. The epic poem described on the ordeals of Krong Sopheamit, his queen and two children while in exiled.

I will not spoil you any detail nor ending. You have to read it yourself. I highly recommended this classic to those who interest in our Khmer literature.

(Krong Sopheamit. Poem tune of Bot Puchunglilea)


Chanbopha said...

The story written in verse is very beautiful. How long does it last?

Blogs By Khmer said...

hi chanbopha,
The book is relatively short (100pages). I read it in just one sitting. Entirely throughout the pages they are like music to the mind and soul of any literate Khmers. Recommended !

Keep updating your blogs 'My Space'. I do enjoy reading all of your entries!

Chanbopha said...

Thanks for the information. You should post things on your blog too.