20 June 2007

PM Hun Sen On Future Oil Revenue

From RFA 18 June 2007, here's my translation off Prime Minister Hun Sen responded to The Cambodia Daily on question concerning Cambodia ’s petroleum revenue:

“I am sick and tired of all news describing about something that is not to be worried about. Also I’d like to thanks all who take part concerning this issue that is not to be worried about. The [oil] treasure is beneath the ocean floor we don’t even know whether it exists or not, but now we’re start worrying about spending the [petroleum income] money. While we haven’t reap not a single cent from the petroleum yet, they even started to ciritisize the government has no ability to manage the money [revenue from the petroleum]. Your[the Cambodia Daily] news is notorious in writing about this issue. Go ahead, The Cambodia Daily, please write about it ! Say that: ‘Now Hun Sen is asking people to help find money for Cambodia rather than discussing about the spending on the money we don’t even have.’ ” end quote.

My comment:
Your wrong, Mr. Prime Minister! Regardless whether we haven’t seen a single cent yet, all us Cambodians have legitimate concerns on this issue. You must have a plan to assure 100% all money will go into our national treasury. No more corruption! No more dealings with circle of friends and families. If our Cambodia government is smart, we better have a plan to pay off the debt to those we owe, World Bank, IMF, China , Russi, and the Yuon Hanoi. After you, Mr. Prime Minister leaves the office, we don’t want so much amount of debt to fall upon our Khmer children for generations. ខ្ញុំមិនចង់ឃើញកូនខ្មែរ គ្រាន់តែកើតង៉ាមកភ្លាម គឺជំពាក់គេ វ័ណ្ឌក ទៅស្រេចនោះទេ។

ពីខ្្ញុំ Vanak

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Anonymous said...

It's true that International worry about oil corruption under Hun Sen communist regime

because the realitty of Hun Sen corruption show very clear

for example Global Witness report about Hun Sen and his relatives corruption in the deforestation