27 June 2007

Khmer Poem: គោព័ទ្ធស្នឹង ស្នឹងយួនដំ ដំខ្មែរដក ដកអោយបាន - Ko Pord Sneng Sneng Yuon Dam

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Last week I came across a stimulating writing I would like to share with you. The author Soun Sereyratha is the master of poems composer! Here in Srok Khmer this is my first time to read the style of a prose like this. I would never know how to write Khmer poem like this. Each word is selected to be rhymed and then re-used as the starting entry onto the next stanza. The content is so meaningful. Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop. I paid to every attention of the words the author chose to use. For example, in stanza#10 I laughed so hard. I know it is by no accident, but the author crafted to have it this way. Twisted words “Sdach Ai ស្តាច់អាយ– Sdai Ach​ ស្តាយអាចម៍”, then immediately leading to the stanza right underneath “Kar Kdan— ក ក្តាន់(I laughed this part). The author carefully avoided the profanity. But​ readers​ would notice the implication​ of the twisted word is there. The content in this part means our King Sihanuok is the type of person who is “si cho”​ស៊ីចូរ,​ យកចិត្ត kiss up to the Viets.

The content of the poem is true. All of us Khmer should be aware of the intention of Vietnam ’s policy toward us. Thank you Mr. Soun Sereyratha for crafted this prose for us Khmer’s younger generation.

Below is the complete text of the original poem. Please click on the image for enlargement of the text .


Chhun Keo said...

សូមកោដសរសើរ លោកពិតជាមានសេចក្ដីក្លាហានដ៏ខ្លាំង
សូមអំពើយុត្ដិធម៌ និង សេចក្ដីសុខគ្រប់យ៉ាង ចូរមានដល់
លោក ជារៀងតទៅ

Blog By Khmer said...

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Anonymous said...

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Blog By Khmer said...

thank you, Kounkhmer for your visiting and comment.


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Dear Kolboth Khmer,Thom Vannak,

Congratulation for your great Blog!
Pls keep up your noble acts as Koun-Khmer who is a real bloodline of Khmer=Angkorian.