17 June 2007

Within My Khmer concience, I am too shameful

The political cartoon was taken from www.sacrava.blogspot.com. Click on the picture will link to Sacravatoon website.

When I first started blogging in 2005, I was very afraid of saying anything offensive to our current one strongman rule government which is our current Prime Minister Hun Sen. I was afraid to say anything about politics in our Srok Khmer for fear of my life. But now I've come to realized If I'm afraid to post anything I feel it's not right about my country's polyci, then my feeling would be suppressed.

Freedom of feeling should not be suppressed. We should freely express what we feel. The government should listen to voices of the people: Their sorrow, thier hardships, their feelings. Then the governemnt should try to improve and realized what it does for the country is wrong and try to correct it.

Government who silences (kills) the people because of what it doesn't like what the people said (feel), that governent is wrong. The government should listen to voices of the popeople. The government or leader should erase the mentality: "If you said or do anything I don't like, I will silence(kill) you.

I really admired the well developed countries like America, Englend, France, Australia, Japan and other countrys (sorry i could not mention all). Their coutnry are so advanced. They have proven democracy works.​​​ They listen to voices of the people.

I found this polictical cartoon from Sacrava. I feel so shameful of our Prime Minister Hun Sen. We are begging the world for money. I'm too shameful. Prime Minister Hun Sen goverment is too currupt. With millions and millions of dollars from the worlds aide, without corruptions I know our Cambodia can be free from the abyss of this poverty.

thank you for reading my blog.

Svay Rieng Cambodia

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