07 December 2006

The Timepiece --Precision of Japanese Craftsmanship

Have you ever experienced ‘Buyer’s regret' syndrome? Many times I have, but I’m getting more wiser now. I buy things base on my need, not want.

‘Buyer’s regret’ is something I want to have when I see it. For example, the latest mobile phone from Nokia or Motorola. The other day I saw the display at Soriya Mall inside the glass case. Oh! They look so good! I just want it. Had I bought the new mobile phone, I would have regret for my wasteful spending. My old Nokia I purchased 3 years ago has never failed me. It still reliable and works just as great.

What I saw at the market the other day was not a mobile phone, but it was a timepiece!!-- A beautiful wrist watch that fits my style and need (hahaha—lolx, I’m trying to justify my purchase).

There are only two movement makers that are well-known: Either the watch is Swiss or Japanese. I happened to like the Japanese movement. I don’t care about Swiss’s Tissot, Tag Hauer or Rolex ! I love the Japanese precision and craftsmanship. That beautiful wristwatch I purchased was a Citizen Promaster. (See Picture)

This Citizen watch I bought was marketed only for Japan. It is not for America nor Europe market. Its model is PMT56-2711. It’s a Citizen Promaster Tough (PMT). It made from titanium rather than stainless steel. I read from the internet that titanium is almost ½ (half) the weight of stainless steel, but twice stronger! Titanium metal doesn’t corrode nor attract to magnet. Because titanium metal is light but strong, it is the metal of choice for building space shuttles and satellites in launching them into the outer space. I can say this titanium watch is truly light in weight. It fits just right on my left wrist. The face of the watch is populating with tiny hexagonal shapes on deep blue colour. At night, the large numbers and hands illuminate so brightly. This watch has the Eco-drive technology where it uses any light source (sunlight, daylight, lightbulb..etc) as energy and charging to the internal battery. So practically, people claimed that it will never need to change the battery. Another feature I love about this watch is the Perpetual Calendar. This means the date is ALWAYS right until year 2100. Each ending month whether the date is 30, 31, 28, 29, is ALWAYS correct. And, also the watch is 200 meters water resistance. Now not only I can swim, but also dive down to 200 meters deep, without worrying water will get into it. Haahaha-- look like if I’m to ever dive 200 meters deep!! . I swim in rivers and lakes occasionally and dive at most 6 meters deep to the bottom. That's it. I'm not a fish, so my mammalian lung can't hold the breath too long under the water. Six meters deep is very minimal as compare to the threshold of 200 meters.

I’m extremely pleased with my watch's purchase . No regret at all. In our rugged Cambodia and as a modest Khmer farmer who’s so active in outdoor farm works (tver sreh–jomkar, naysat-trey(fishing)), I know I will enjoy the Citizen “Promaster Tough” timepiece that will last me through the test of time.

Citizen Promaster Tough. Model: PMT56-2711 .


Chanbopha said...

wow, that's good! Where did you buy it? 'coz I have bought a pair of this sort of watch too.

vanak said...

Bopha, --PP Psar Tmey was where I got it from. The seller guaranteed its authenticity. Minn kleng klai. It was the only one left. He said in PP, these kind of watches are rare. ott sov mien lork te ! (Not many watchshop sells them)

I didn't know u like this kind of style. Great minds, great people like similar things--hehe. Did you get yours in Japan ?

Chanbopha said...

I've just recognized your watch (PMT)doesn't have the trademark. Mine is ATTESA with "made in Japan" in the clock frame(bought in Japan)and I think yours is not as good. hahahah j/k

It's eco-drive, the same stuff but the great mind to buy the watch is not mine. I know nothing about it lolx.

Anyways, it's just a watch.

Good Khmer said...

In America they have a lots of watch. Too many to choose from. I think Swiss watch is a good watch. The real Rolax is an expensive watch.

Dependable watch is also the digital watch they are not expensive and nice looking watch.

Kh2000 said...

Do you want to see a good watch? They are on the internet with information about it. There are soo many online. They have online shoping . Just search

In america we just tov tinh nov aer Phasar.

Vanak said...

I know ATTESA. It has logo of a seashell (snail). It's very nice.

People don't really care much about watches. Most reliable time keeping device is your mobile phone. I sometime think if I carry my phone, why should I wear a watch for ?

Yes, digital watch is very dependable and cheap too. I've been wearing a digital Casio watch for a long time. I had the battery changed about 3 times. Finally the seal was worn out and not waterproof anymore.

Anonymous said...

Watch is not a watch, but also an accessory to make you look nice and humble. Nothing wrong to wear a watch and because it is waterproof and you can still wear it even when you are in the shower.


vanak said...

Yea, i think it's true. Wearing a watch, make you look humble and proper. I'll keep that thought in mind.

Socheat said...

Being a buyer never feel regret coz nothing would gain from it. The retail price is aproximatly 250-300$ isnt it? i notice not many people like Citizen but they prefer Seiko.before i thot Citizen is made in china coz the material looks cheap. since m working in this field i know more abt the origin country he he...

vanak said...

I'm very impressed. You know so much watches. You are SO RIGHT on the exact price range I paid for this watch. It was a little expensive for me. But it was worth it. Seiko makes fine watches too. But I just happened to like Citizen better.

socheat said...

that s good for you loh can afford such that expensive watch.as long as you like it that would not have a regret.

Anonymous said...

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