30 December 2006

My comments on Saddam Hussein 's Death

The strongman dictator Saddam Hussein of Iraq was hanged. He was operating the country like he was running a mafia business. Corrupted to the core. The army was his. The police was his. The court and the law were his. His family, brothers, sons appointed in high government positions.

My reaction is justice was served of this condemned criminal. I agreed with Jawad Abdul-Aziz who Sadam killed his father, three brothers and 22 cousins. Jawad said this execution of Sadam "now, he is in the garbage of history" .

That's what happen when you ruled the country through fear, intimidation and killings. In general, the country is not progress when you have one strongman rules for so long.

Democracy and will of the people prevailed.


Anonymous said...

The floor dropped out of the gallows.

"The tyrant has fallen," someone in the group of onlookers shouted. The video showed a close-up of Saddam's face as he swung from the rope.

Then came another voice: "Let him swing for three minutes." (AP)

Khmai said...

I only have one word for Sadam. Karma.

Anonymous said...

The day Saddam Hussein died marked a saddest day in Iraq's history. Look at where Iraq is now compared to the days before the F-117A dropped its first bombs in Baghdad. Saddam Hussein, dictator or not, was an effective leader in keeping his country in control. When Saddam was in power the country was in peace. Now, 503 bombings later, including suicides, peace is a far-fetched word for the Iraqi people. Thousands of American lives are being wasted. Tens of thousands of Irqi people have gone by the waste side. Why? Because the US wanted to take out Sadam, the only man who can maintain stability in Iraq. Yes, the US now has access to oil, but at what cost? Does not the lives of Americans and innocent Iraqi people count? Especially, the life of the only Iraqi leader who could maintain peace for Iraq.

Alah! Forgive these people for they know not what they do.

Mr. Khmer.