20 December 2006

Around the Town

Top view on Phnom Penh Psa Tmey (New Market). The photo here was found from the internet. To the owner of the photograph, please don't sue me.

Yesterday I stopped by at the watch shop in Psa Tmey Phnom Penh. It is the same shop I bought my first Citizen Promaster watch from about 2 weeks ago. The seller of course recognised me from my countryside 'Srok Srehស្រុកស្រែ' appearance, with dark complexion and unmistakable eye glasses. Not many people from Srok Sreh are wearing eye glasses at age 26 ! My poor eye sight failed me miserably before my age. I now have to wear eye glasses which make me look like an intellectual fool .

So I chit chat with the watch seller on news of here and there. We talked about Sok Serey, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reporter fell into coma resulted from a car hit him while riding his moto. Sok Serey did some investigative reporting on government corruption. His incendiary reporting might have hit hard on the top corrupted officials and that's why they wanted to silence him. What's so astonishing to both of us was RFA said absolutely nothing about it. I've been listening to RFA every day both in evening and morning broadcasts, I heard not a single word on the purported accident. It’s probably like the government made a deal under the table and bribed RFA to shut up.

Then the conversation went into how I really love the watch I purchased from him two weeks ago. The watch seller told me he doesn't carry that model PMT56-2711 anymore. He said my Citizen Promaster watch on the streets of Phnom Penh, would be as rare as ‘1000 year old ginseng’ This really lightened up my mood. It made me feel so privileged on the power of money! If you have money you can buy everything even the 1000 year old ginseng! It made me feel so good for I know my money is hard earned through sweat and toil. Not a single riel ($) I earned by no mean, through guilt, dishonest nor corruption. There're too many corrupt government officials here already, I don’t need to be like one of them.


Chanbopha said...

you've read too much, that's why you have to wear glasses. btw, did you take the pic yourself? if so, how did you do it?

Khmai said...

The aerial view of Psa Tmey looks gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

I agree, that watch of yours is worth every single riel. Congratulation.

By the way, it's better to look like an "intellectual fool", than a "sophisticated idiot". ;-)

oops. double post. didn't mean to click on anonymous.

Chanbopha said...

Good, don't forget you have the story to-be-continue!

Sombo said...

That's cool picture of Phsa Thmey.

Anonymous said...

very interesting blog. i'll be sure to check around next time.

Blogs By Khmer said...

Thanks you all for visiting and taking time to comment.

American Citizen said...

uor Sdey BBK,

May I ask you which shop in Psa Tmey did you purchase your watch from? I was looking for a watch shop that sells the watch like yours for a whole hour last week, but could not find it. Instead, I only found Orient and Seiko. I picked up a Seiko for an incredible price, $30. Maybe I will go again next week on my way back from Battambang. May I ask how much you purchased your watch for? I'm here visiting Cambodia for one month and heading back to the good old US of A in March.

American Citizen!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanak,

I'm back in Phnom Penh now. I checked your blog site, but you didn't give me info. what is the name of the shop you purchased your watch from. I still couldn't find it. Thanks.

A Lost American Citizen.

Blog By Khmer said...

Jumreab soor, Mr. American Citizen!
I hope you had a great time in our Cambodia and welcombe back from Battambang !.

Sorry for my late response. Yes, Orient and Seiko & Tissot are abundant in Psa Tmey. Citizen eco-drives are rare, but you could still find them. The place I got mine from is called Veng Sin right inside Psa Tmey. You can ask around. I hope you can find them and hope he still have some Citizen in stocks. Or simply just ask those Psa Tmey jewelers if they carry Citizen ! Good luck.