12 December 2006

ប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារ​ Preah Vihear Temple Is In Khmer Soul

Thailand Admission Ticket to see Cambodia's Prasat Preah Vihear.
(Picture: I found on the internet)

Recently, according to the newspaper Moneakseka Khmer printed an article stated Thai still has intention to ‘swallow up’ Prasat Preah Vihear (Temple) through propaganda to tourists visiting Thailand. The article said Thailand Tourism has been handing out small tourguide (booklets) to tourists with the map showing Preah Vihear Temple is clearly inside their country.

I was appalled by this unscrupulous mean committed by Thailand. Yes, upset too. As a civilized country, Thailand stoops so low and so arrogant toward Cambodia. They take advantage of every opportunity they can to intimidate Cambodia. What a shameful act. If Thailand continued to be so deceptive like this, they will not get any respect from world community. One tourist wrote he “was amazed to find that Thailand has a "Wat Prasat Pra Wiharn" historical park, despite the fact that it’s in Cambodia!”. Another foreign tourist wrote when he was up at the temple he saw English hand-painted signed posted "Preah Vihear Is In Khmer Soul". He commented the word "Soul" should have been changed in the letter from ' u ' to ' i ' --so sign would be read "Preah Vihear is In Khmer Soil"

Preah Vihear Temple is really Cambodia heart and soul. We even had one of our northern provinces named after it. It would be ironic if our Preah Vihear province we named had no Prasat Preah Vihear. Thanks to justice in World Court. . In 1962 World Court members ruled 9 to 3 in favoured of awarding Preah Vihear Temple to the rightful owner.

Thailand should take corrective measure to print accurate tour guides not to mislead tourists or otherwise people will claim ignorance had indeed befallen upon the entire Thai race. What a shame.

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Thom Vanak.


Anonymous said...

It's apathetic. Thailand should be ashame of what they're doing. Cambodia government should intervene in the unjust attitude of Thailand toward our country's significant property.


Anonymous said...

That's nothing new. Thailand has always been claiming everything nice from other countries as theirs. They ought to learn to acknowledge the truth.

By the way, the pic you posted here was a border pass, not an entrance ticket. It says "អនុញ្ញាត្តិឲ្យចេញក្រៅប្រទេស ដើម្បីទស្សនាប្រាសាទភ្នំព្រះវិហារ".

VT said...

Thanks for both of your comments. Mongkol, thanks for clarifying it wasn't a ticket but more border pass to exit (Thailand) for the purpose of visiting Prasat Preah Vihear. I can't read Thai. I just grabbed that picture off the internet.

I just wrote a response to your brief explanation at Sopheak's “ខមជៀងរ៉ាយ” posting .

Anonymous said...

I also wrote a response back.. :) I don't really speak Thai that much though.. Just only wanna share sth I can..

Khmai said...

It is quite upsetting to learn Thais are still perpetuating false informations. Even their traditional dancing style originate from old Khmer tradition. They should acknowledge that Preah Vihear belongs to Cambodia, no ands, ifs, or buts.

Vutha said...

Preah Vihea will be included the World Heritage next year following world heritage committee will monitor and evaluate the result of the visit to Preah Vihea Temple.

Vanak said...

Yes, let us hope Prasat Preah Vihear will include in the World Heritage soon for better protection and preservation.

Khmai said...

That is very good news, Vutha. The sooner Preah Vihear becomes part of the World Heritage, the better.

Anonymous said...

A great nationalistic post!
Anyways, I'm amazed by your English. You're currently living in Cambodia or abroad? :o)

Vanak said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your compliment. Writing English is never been easy for me. I try hard and still learning. I use dictionaries and thesaurus when I write. I read a lot that's how I learn new vocabularies and writing styles of other writers. I like to rephrase what I read and put into my own words in term of opinion-- ​វិចារណះកថា.

Our Srok Khmer is the only country I ever been in. I live in Svay Rieng. Occasionally I go to Phnom Penh regularly.

Kompong Thom said...

Siam leaders don't quit. To defend our Country you have to make our Country a free country, with good leadership.

Hello Vanak and all,

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Anonymous said...

The world only see if we act. Hope Cambodians from every part act to help yourselves.

MKhmer said...

Hi, everyone. I don't know if m at the right position!
I just google, and find this out!
M interested in having more news related to Preah Vihea case, could anyone help out with this!
If any, i much appreciate, pls e-mail to m_khmer@live.com

Tevi said...

Dear Blog by Khmer,
I have tried to post an article, but I didn't know how from my e-mail address. :(

I have a video from a documentary to share that we all ought to know who created war, who take our oil, who control our lives.

Could you please show me how?
If you hesitate, I am sorry for bothering your blog. I will post at somewhere else.

Thank you


Blog By Khmer said...

Soosdey Tevi:
I don't know if you can post from your email. Send the article or the video u want to post to me at
If i see they are good, i'll post for you here. I do respect people confidentiality.

By the way, you can also post on the net by yourslef. But you must an account. Open account with Blogger first like I have here. Then you can post anything you like.For posting video, you can open account at Youtube then you upload the video there. After you post, then you have to other people websites the let them know about your site so they could come to read your posted articles.

Since I already had the accounts. Again just sent them to me. I will post them for you if i see they are good.

Phnom Penh

Anonymous said...

Boolshit Thai. You must leave our boarder. Thailand is too shit. You must follow the French-Siam Agreement on 1907. Thai King, you must tell your minister and your people about French-Siam Agreement on 1907. You don't want to be boolshit like this.