12 February 2008

Although voting is secret, I know the party I WILL NOT vote for

Cambodia general election is coming up. Every time I visit my mother at my home village, I kept on telling family and friends to make sure we have our names registered ចុះឈ្មោះso we could vote on the election day. We must think carefully for we don’t want to waste our vote. We must vote for the party we believe that could lead for a better Cambodia .

Voting is secret. Nobody knows what party we're voting for. One thing for sure is that I will not vote for the CPP party. This is the Prime Minister Hun Sen Party. From what I've seen, this party does even more harm for our Cambodia . I feel PM Hun Sen is bowing down too much to Hanoi Communist government. For 29 years since 1979 when Vietnam invaded my country, the same CPP party is still dictating the power.

I believe there are a lot of smart people than PM Hun Sen who could lead our Cambodia . PM Hun Sen is not a good leader at all. Cambodia hasn't prospered under his centralised leadership.

Although PM Hun Sen has boasted our Cambodia has advanced so much. His rationale is that we have more cars these days as compare during Pol Pot years, therefore the country has prospered. I would say it is prospering to the elite few who has connection to the powerful people holding the government positions or related to PM Hun Sen himself. (See Global Witness Report) . Such scenarios are evident as in land eviction where military were sent to burn down villager houses and forced them to give up their lands. In this case I think the current government helps support the plundering from the poor and give to the rich.

Definitely, Cambodians must vote for our country’s direction. All Vietnamese nationals must stay out from Cambodia . Vietnamese cannot vote for Cambodia . Vietnamese has to stop involving with Cambodia affair. Let Cambodians vote for our own fate.

Thank you.



sunshine said...

Dear Vanak,
I understand that you were on an anti-HunSen and anti-Viets campaign, however, you forgot to mention any prominent faces. Obviously you were on one sided campaign. Do you consider yourselve sensible, objective person? Do you mean patriot is against Hunsen and Viets. And you won't care if Cambodia will have an extreme, dumb, and silly PM in the future.
I prefer someone intelligent, enthusiastic, sensible, friendly, respectful, patriotic, hand on, and open-mimded like PM Hun Sen. Please stop deceiving people by bad mouth Viets and Hun Sen, because today Cambodia has very little tie with Hanoi. You should feel apprceciated with how most Khmer people are happily living. Apparently you were in nostagia from Pol Pot time.

Vietnameses should stay out from Cambodia. OK
How about Chinese, the largest group of immigrant in Cambodia. Some advice, please!

Wanna Khan said...

@Sunshine: NOT should, but the Vietnamese must out of Cambodia.

@Vannak: I've never used my right to vote in my life. I remember my relatives felt regret when I didn't do that. Of course, they wanted my ballot for the CPP.
Yeah, we are the same, if I have a chance for the 2008 election, I'm certainly not to vote for the CPP.

Blog By Khmer said...

Soorsdey Sunshine!
I did not “forget” to mention any other parties. I already stated: Voting is secret, but I know the party I won’t vote for which is the CPP.

Yes, absolutely isn’t all campaign one sided ? Or otherwise you’d be wavy and don’t know what you stand for. When I believe PM Hun Sen is not good for the country, then I believe it is so. PM Hun Sen is nothing but quite the opposite from the adjectives you described him – which I found very laughable.

Please don’t shift your argument here to the Chinese. I don’t see much of Chinese in our country. The fact of the problem we currently have is the mass influx of Vietnamese into our Cambodia . There are too much Viets inside Cambodia . Vietnamese MUST stay away from Cambodia (thanks Wanna for pointed that out. Must—not should).

Let us hope like you said, our Cambodia has very little ties with the dreadful expansionist Vietnam .

Thanks for your discussion.

​ -- វណ្ណះ

Blog By Khmer said...

សួស្តី វណ្ណា !
– Thanks for coming to check my blog. Voting is important. Your relatives want your ballot for CPP? …Then, they and you might as well stay home. If you’re to vote for CPP then, just stay home and don’t go vote at all !! :) OK – I'm just joking. Seriously all us Khmers must vote—no matter what party you vote for I don’t want to know.

To Vietnamese who happen to chance upon my blog, stay home! You cannot vote for our election. Only you, would know yourself already. If your think your blood line is more Cambodian than Vietnamese, then you should go vote. On the other hand, if you think your line of blood are more Viets than Khmer, then you have to stop involving with Cambodian affair. Period.


Cambodian said...

Actually i don't really get the point of "sunshine"!!!

Sunshine: I prefer someone intelligent, enthusiastic, sensible, friendly, respectful, patriotic, hand on, and open-mimded like PM Hun Sen.

Does he really has this characteristic? Intelligent? I can see the is noob. enthusiastic? i can see he use his power in a wrong way. sensible? friendly? i guess not!!! respectful? he always use bully words in his speech!!! PM uses ridiculous words in public!! My ass

All in all, i would be happe if he just have even one of it!!!

Sunshine: today Cambodia has very little tie with Hanoi.

I always hear that most of cambodian high ranking soldier are training there. There are many relationship that cambodian has with vietnam.

Sunshine: You should feel apprceciated with how most Khmer people are happily living.

You know i always back home at 6pm to make sure that i won't be robbed. too low security. Now cambodia is in the lowest education system of the world. DON'T YOU KNOW, SUNSHINE!!!!

Sunshine: Vietnameses should stay out from Cambodia. OK
How about Chinese, the largest group of immigrant in Cambodia. Some advice, please!

Vietnamese live in Cambodia illegally while chinese have their identity card as one of cambodian citizen!!! they can speak khmer fluently whilc those vietnamese can't even speak khmer.


Tell you the truth that i don't expect those words come out of cambodian word like you.

VIRAK is trying to show his idea and wake other cambodian people to know what is right and wrong. i can see the information is right.

Anonymous said...

Sunshine: Is trying to protect his Viet and CPP party but showed up as a loose-ball. Make no sense.

In Cambodia, you're free from oppression if you belong to CPP Viet. If you're not a CPP follower, you being robbed, chased, land grab, gun-down...etc.
See the reality... before you come to make bad ass argument.

-See the reality, currently there are over 2 million illegal Vietnamese in Cambodia. Why are they here? Don't they have a country to live? Where are their home?

-The Chinese have lived in Cambodia for centuries and blended in with Khmer very well. They don't cause trouble like the Vietnamese.

Anonymous said...

Sunshine, if you are near me, i would give you some punch for the sake of cambodian people who suffer by vietnamese.

I can conclude that SUNSHINE must be one of vietnamese or one of Hun Sen dog who are trying to piss some nonsense words here.

Don't blame Chinese!! they also have cambodian nationality!!! Viet is a piss of shit.

Blog By Khmer said...

Cambodia & Anonymous,
Thank you for stated point by point in response to Sunshine. Yes, the Cambodian-chinese were never a problem in our country. They're always there before the Vietnamese started to illegally comming in to live in our country.

I know Sunshine, is an educated person. I'm sure she knows our current Cambodia government is not a real democracy at all. PM Hun Sen rules like a dictator. He is one of the longest prime ministers who hold the power for such a long time . If he's continue, he will go down in the history as the world worst leader ever.

I've heard English saying that you should "stop while you're ahead". I remember last year one American Senator has mentioend that PM Hun Sen should consider for his personal decision to retire. I would agree with the Senator, that PM Hun Sen and his wife should retire and live peacefully in the life free from politics.

Anonymous said...

CNN news about khmer rouge trial.
Feel free to read. [Milestone]via [CNN]

Cambodian or Anonymous said...

Anonymous and Cambodian is one person. I just want to make fast respond so i miss to change my name.