02 August 2006


I have a female childhood friend who's now living in Battambang province. She's not only a very intelligent lady but also has a great sense of humour. She makes me laugh all the time when we see or talk to one another. We speak mostly in Khmer but practice our English on each other whenever we have a chance. One of the qualities I like about her is that we never get angry in anything we do or say to each other.

She had just forewarded this above picture chart to me.

I telephoned to tell her I like it. It's very funny and said,
"Hmmmm, by looking at the picture chart I would say it's GLOBAL WARMING 2007!

She paused, "Huh ? " Sounded confused. "Niyay pi ey 'global warming 2007', Thom ? (What are you talking about, Thom)".

"Do you have your computer on with that graph chart in front of you ?" I asked.

She answered "Ning heuy- affirmative".

I pointed to her "Now, you have to analyse and make a prediction from that chart".

Before I was about to explain why I said it's Global Warming 2007, I heard she laughed so hilariously on the phone " 'Yiss! charng teh teass!-I should slap you. You have a dirty mind, Thom", she said.

I just smiled.

Filed In Svay Rieng, Cambodia


vanndeth said...

A picture tell million words. I am also waiting to see how global warming affect people in 2007?

KK@111 said...

Global warming is affecting everywhere in the world. I hope the scientists should do something..

Chanbopha said...

Well, global warming hit New York this summer with the highest temperature 44 degree Celsius and the heat killed people more than 170 people as far as I've known.

STARFiSH said...

Hmmm do u guys know when global warming hit Cambodia? then i might have the chance to see beauty contest in swin suit. >_<

trajoke said...

See this picture...I start laught,...has has has!!!

traactivity said...

Wow...it's amaze!

samnang said...

funny! thnks thom. Because it getting warmer and warmer each year pple wear less and less clothes. I can't wait till 2007 comes. hehehe. great blog keep on posting. You write good english

Anonymous said...

To learn about GLOBAL WARMING is to do a Research on GLOBAL WARMING.
I think not to cut down the trees. they are very importan, they gave good thing back to the world. Don't destroy the tree.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you write good English.

Khmai said...

If those underwears depict global warming, it is indeed global warming in 2007, especially in Brazil. In fact, women in Brazil wear much less materials than what is shown in your photo.

Anonymous said...


am in france's nude beach, and the ladies, have merci, eye appreciate warming, global or not.

khmer person

Ecoloband said...

Global warming is affecting everybody all over the world, you can see the Monkey reaction : GlobalWarming Awareness2007. i don't know how global warming affect people but this Monkey is now a Monkeycolo