23 August 2005

Preventing Suicide at Spearn Chrouy Changva

The young woman above was saved from jumping off Phnom Penh's Khmer-Japanese Friendship Bridge. Read it in Khmer at here; http://www.kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh/khmer/climb17_08.htm

Since beginning of the year I've read Khmer newspapers (in Khmer) that there have been so many people committing suicide by jumping off Spearn Chrouy Changva known as the Khmer-Japanese Friendship bridge. Usually a girl got broken hearted from her love life and rode the motto-dup to the middle of the bridge and jumped off onto Tonle Sap river. I think this bridge is high enough for people to plung into their death. Many people have died because of fast moving water current down below.

There must be a way to save these potential suicidals. The mesh of chain-link fence could be attached all across the bridge rail so it would be more difficult for the suicidals to climb. This case, it will allow some time for the passerbys or the authorities to notice if somebody is climing over the high fence.

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