22 August 2005

Angelina Jolie $5 Million Could Be Better Used

Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood actress has pledge $5 million in helping to preverve the wildlife in north-western Battambang province of Cambodia. The Cambodian ex-king Norodum Sihanouk hand wrote his comments onto the Reuteurs article stating Angelina Jolie should have helped Cambodia on cannals and irrigations rather than on wildlife preservation.

My comments: Preserving the wildlife or improving the irrigation network is a complete waste. I think Angelina Jolie should pledge this $5 million to the current Hun Sen goverment. They need money. The more the better. Come to think of it, five million dollars can help pay the judges and the goverment ministers salaries. Those judges and ministers need to upgrade their cars to Mercedezes or Landcruisers. The extra money could help pay the part-time mistresses also. And, perhaps they could to better afford additional maid servants, frequenting at fine restaurants and drink more of fine XO Cognacs. $5 million could do them so much of good stuffs!


Anonymous said...

exactly so, i agree with you. while khmer bosses are under the vietnamese, the more cognac xo they drink, the more brain cells they lose, the happier the vietnamese will be for cambodia is now at brink of extinction. the khmer krom has been used as wooden stove for "te ong" and the government official khmer in cambodia is intoxicationg themselves with fine wine excessively and become the vietnameses' clowns. they are the government officials but they are the puppets of the vietnamese. angelina jolie should give 5 million dollars more because those government officials need extra money to build new vilas in cambodia and australia.

Khmai said...

I like your sarcastic response to the former King. hehe.