13 February 2009

Publications that enhance our Khmer democracy and leadership

Last year after I read "Khmer Leadership Part 1" I had to wait more than 6 months before the Part 2 was available. Now both parts are widely circulated on the internet. I now just finish reading it. These two books are so good. A lot of ideas and accountability of leaderships should be. Not the kind of leaders as Global Witness has recently published in Country For Sale: Welcome to Cambodia

These publications are among those kind our Khmer government would love to burn because the guilty conscience of our current leaders cannot stand the truth. And that's why they want to completely discredit the truth or destroy it.

ពីខ្ញុំ, វណ្ណះ


Anonymous said...

អំណាច ដូចទឹកមូយថ្លុក បើមិនហូរ រលួយស្អុយទាល់រីង។

there can be no democracy when one family rule with friends and relative and then inter-married to create the ruling dynasty!

Anonymous said...

It is realling interesting book; how can I download it to read and copy to share other Cambodians to read it. Wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sharing. It is very useful for me since I am going to stick on Cambodia Studies. These diversified viewpoints are not easy to collect.

In your blog, I has seen some viewpoints of Cambodians on "Vietnam Impact", "Thai Impact", I wonder that If you could provide us your viewpoint on "China Impact", especially during the Polpot regime (before 1979) and now.

Once again, thanks for your sharing.

Anonymous said...

I would like to share some idea regarding POL POt; Pol Pot is the Same As CPP now because both of them are under the Vietnamese communist ideology. Both are communists installed by Vietnam. Ater China and
Vietnamese conflict; Vietnamese change new policy to instal new man to serve them in order to control INDOCHINA. I understand alot from the Book of Nation Leaders 1-2.Thanks for these books alot. Thanks for Blog by Khmer to have this information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sharing viewpoint. I am a Korean who is going to pursuit on South East Asian Studies.

"Pol Pot is the Same As CPP now because both of them are under the Vietnamese communist ideology."
I am confused by this point. Would you mind citing where [internet, book] can I find more the facts for this?

Anonymous said...

What about the Siam attacks Khmer at Angkor without warning with the Chinese Ming Emperor help that destroyed almost the entire Khmer race impact???

Or the Viet VihnTe Canal that burned the Khmer Heads alive that destroyed almost the entire Khmer race impact???

These Thai and Viet were helped by Khmer during the Mongol war. Without the Khmer help, these Viet and Thai could never have a nation today.