01 February 2009

Cambodian numerals on Thai currency

"Khmer numerals have been written on every Thai bank note and on every Thai coin along with the picture of the Thai King to prove that Khmer are the Master of Thai always."

Above was the comment left on my blog.

Vanak-Phnom Penh


Chanbopha said...

I had a thai friend who told me that her sister studied thai literature and that thai language lend lots of khmer words and grammars. The truth is she said so to me, but when it came to another nation she never mentioned it. I know she's ashamed of her-thai-self.

Anonymous said...

The Thai nation never love Khmer. But however some Khmer nation still love and believe in Thai.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all the Thai leaders!!!
Khmers should have killed all the Tai refugees and the Siamese refugees when they ran away from the Mongol and from the Burmese killing.

Khemara said...

I dislike the way Thailand handles politics and diplomatic relations, and from what I've heard, their creative manipulation of history, but everything we as Khmers supposedly hate about them is reflected in the comments we write ourselves. Its because I was educated not to see things one way that I say this. Yes we have contributed many things to the Thais, but how much are we indebted to the culture of India? Just how much did the Thais influence us back? Just as there are many Khmer words in Thai, there are many Thai words in Khmer are Thai. Just as Thai uses some aspects of Khmer grammar, modern Khmer uses Thai syntax instead of our own, but how many of us want to say or admit this? We rather sweep this part of our history under the carpet, as it would hurt our national pride. In this respect, by no means are we any different from those "faceless" Thais in our ability to swallow the truth.

Many of you may be angry to hear such things, because it hurts our pride, but accept the hurt because according to the comments that preceded mines, if we still love them, we can take it.

Anonymous said...

Only idiot Thais can see what you wrote.
Khmer never claimed anything belonging to Khmer when Khmer use word from others.
Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers and Khmer owned Indian heritage in SEA!!!
The Khmer King Kaudinya and the Khmer King Kampu were all originates from India
married to the first Khmer native Soma and Mera in SEA and created “Khmer” dedicated to the first Khmer native in SEA!!!
Ask people who have been robbed by robber, are they angry or are they happy???
If Thai people can think of the Khmer help in the past, Thai people can appreciate of the Khmer help and respect Khmer people who gave birth to Thai people today as Khmer numerals have been written on all Thai currency today. But Thailand chose to be a robber and destroyer of Khmer people so Thais think they can take over Khmer people place in SEA!!!

Anonymous said...

Khmer never claimed anything belonging to Khmer when Khmer use word from others.
Thailand copied many Khmer temples and built them in almost entire Thai province, Thais never have courage to call those Khmer temples as Khmer, but to call as ancient cities!!!????
Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers and Khmer owned Indian heritage in SEA!!!
The Khmer King Kaudinya and the Khmer King Kampu were all originates from India
married to the first native Khmer Soma and Mera in SEA and created “Khmer” dedicated to the first native Khmer in SEA!!!
Ask people who have been robbed by robber, are they angry or are they happy???
If Thai people can think of the Khmer help in the past, Thai people can appreciate of the Khmer help and respect Khmer people who gave birth to Thai people today as Khmer numerals have been written on all Thai currency today. But Thailand chose to be a robber and destroyer of Khmer people so Thais think they can take over Khmer people place in SEA!!!

Soursdey said...

^^ I'm proud of our language, culture & heritage. But I agree with Khemara's comment. An example is "Romork Moto", which modern Khmer refer to as "Tok Tok". I absolutely dislike it; when I mentioned "Romork Moto" I would then have to refer to it as Tok Tok because people just don't ride Romork Moto anymore. They ride TOk TOk, the Romork Moto with shade!

Anonymous said...

The original word of Tuk Tuk comes from India. Since Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers, there is nothing wrong to use the work Tuk Tuk from India. Just like the Nehru jacket, Thais claimed Thai created those Nehru jacket that the Cambodia govt wearing in the Senat, but it's not true at all because the Nehru jacket comes from the Nehru PM of India.
Don’t let those Thai ignorant manipulating you Khmer!!!

I am Khmer said...

It's Tuk Tuk the sound of engine, not Tok Tok the sound of waco!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

100% Thais would not say it's Khmer numeric,they got it from Sangkret. most of them never accept the reality.

Anonymous said...

Of course 100% Thais never give credit to Khmer people because Thais wanted to take over Khmer place in SEA. Just like Khmer Preah Vihear temple that Thais keep changing the identity of Khmer Preah Vihear to Thai identity Prah Viharn. Thais wanted to wipe out all Khmer creation names so Thais can take all over Khmer creations and claimed belong to Thais.
Khmer people are not existed for Thai people. Thais wiped out the word Khmer from Thai history and from Thai culture, but added Indian, Bali and Sanskrit instead despite the fact that Khmer numerals resemble nothing to the Sanskrit.
Khmer are the master of Thai and Thai wanted to destroy their master and take over their master place that’s what Thai people do.

Anonymous said...

They use Khmer script in their sacred tattooes and writings and instead of calling it as it is they call it "round script" instead. Just another example that shows how hard they have been attempting to suppress anything Khmer and turn it in into something it's not, or worse and unashamedly, they make it their own and call it by their fake Thai name.

Khemara Phoumirak​ ខេមរា ភូមិរក្ស said...

FEARS... COMMON fears among almost all khmers. fears in identity crisis. fears of our own inability to pretect what is ours. No point to talk about what they say. We did that too; e.g. apsara is alw khmer though it comes from india. all the dances we have? aren't they from india or java. we never say so at least at the surface level. every race'd wana have sth for their own pride. what matters is how much u noe abt yrsf and how u can convince others that it's you or yours.

WE DON'T HAVE THAT ABILITY, or do we? Shd stop blaming them; blaming ourselves instead. For god sake, i never heard of tuk tuk for almost 20 yrs in Cam. I still called that tuk tuk as romork the 1st time i came to PP from my province.

So bad to inherit all these great achievements from our ancestors that we keep talking about it just to know how incapable we are; not even to creat, but just safeguard. Imagine how ANGKOR king would come back and be shocked by how poor his sons and daughters made his land to be.


I am Khmer said...

Khemara Phoumarak, you are such an ignorant and a blind one of the Khmer history and yet you are using a Khmer Khemara Phoumarak name without knowing that your Khmemara ancestor coming from!!
The previous comment explaining where the Khmer ancestors coming from!!! Take time to read everyone comment before posting such an ignorant comment!!!!
Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers!!! The Khmer Kings originated from India and intermarried with the native Khmer Queens in SEA and they created Khmer people of Kampuchea in SEA.
Khmers of Kampuchea owned Indian heritage in SEA because of the Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers included Apsara!!!
That’s what we Khmers do now claiming our Khmer numerals and our Khmer Preah Vihear back from Thailand that Thailand attempts to wipe out our Khmer heritage in the SEA history.

THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR AT ALL TO voice your right on your own Khmer heritage from THAILAND AGRESSOR!!!!

Khemara Phoumirak​ ខេមរា ភូមិរក្ស said...

I won't conclude most khmers are like that. I shd be very happy to learn frm u if i'm ignorant. But be more careful not to mistakenly kill your own people, or allies. The enemy would be laughing their asses off.

Anyway, strange to me while many khmer historians were trying to establish that khmer is of its own origin, you wana do it otherwise. I think there is a difference here btw indian heritage and indian influence. Indians did come and intermarried the locals, but could you really say we are indeed indians or of indian heritage. We did crossmarried chinese too around the same time. The indians actually went for spices and others and did those same things in Java much earlier than Indochina; nobody ever said Javanese are indians or of indian heritage. I enjoy reading khmer history (though have some pain in the butt thereafter) and i never encouter that khmer is of idian heritage though a quite sound recent study suggests khmers are from Kamboja, an ancient state border the great Persian (old Iran).

And if you'd still say so, there is nothing wrong for Thais to say the same things coz they too crossmarried khmers and influenced by khmers. Nothing as stealing if you would.

And you shd never fear shouting that Thais stole our heritages. But what i mean is rather i feel you are shouting out of your fears of losing your heritage coz you just can't protect or promote it as yours. It's very true. Outsiders would always call khmer boxing as Muay Thai coz they've never heard what bokato is. The great Apsara dance is either identified as Idians or Thai. Yant is seen as Thai though it's very clearly written with khmer scripts. We don't know how to market ours. Maybe not yet.

It's rather a waste of time here, but it's alw good to have some kinda debate to share knowledge, clear some misundertanding, or ignorance. I don't claim i'm right, but it's what i've learnt.

Alw happy to learn from everyone, but hopefully can rid of the culture of shouting at other people's ears coz sometimes we might not be right as we think so. Think of how many times each of us misclaimed things in the past.

We wana be happy tgd seeing cambodia develop, don't we?

Just a comment, a thought, a concern, and a sharing. Hopefully not an insult coz i don't really like that. ;-p

I am Khmer said...

Khemara Phoumarak,
You are missing the point here.
To protect my heritage I really don’t care if anyone laughing at who I am, what I am and where I came from. Especially, Thai people
who have no clue and no pride of their Tai root and Tai origin.

The word Kampuchea came from the Khmer King Kampu originated from
India intermarried to Mera, a native of Naga. The Khmer King Kaudinya originated from India intermarried to Soma, a native of Naga.
People can see the Naga statues on every Khmer temple and Khmer pagoda today. Khmer and Kampuchea were created dedicating to people living in SEA. Khmer owned Indian heritage in SEA because Khmer ancestors were Indian-Khmers and Khmer really don’t care if anyone laughing at Khmer people.

Thais were the originated Tai people from Nanchao, China. Thai tonal speaking is Tai tonal speaking from China. Thai people were helped by Khmer people when the Mongol invading their land Nanchao. Khmer people taught Tai people of great Khmer civilization since the day Thai people running away from Nanchao. Thais don’t have Apsara, because Thai culture is Chinese culture and all Khmer temples were built before the 13th century when Thais were Tai people living in Nanchao.

Thais never said that their ancestor were Khmer, but to claim they are simply Thais from Thailand today. The outsiders call Khmer boxing as Muay Thai and that’s a reason why Khmer people have to raise their voice against that!! If you don’t raise your voice those outsiders still think that they are right.

Sak Yant is Khmer Sanskrit 100%. Thai Yant is written with the Khmer round letter which called Aksar moul in Khmer and Khmer still using Aksar moul today in Cambodia.
We have to explain those ignorant people no matter what they think or what they believe and we must not give up telling the truth and there is NOTHING TO FEAR AT ALL to tell the truth!!!

The problem never comes out from Khmer people but comes out from Thai people because Thai keep changing the identity of the Khmer origin name such as Khmer Preah Vihear to Thai Prah Viharn. Thais are getting used of changing their Tai identity to Siam and from Siam to Thai, so Thai think they can change the identity of Khmer people too. Thais can screw their own people, but Thais have no chance to screw up Khmer people.
If Thai people can just look in the past when Khmer people helping them from the Mongol and from the Burmese, Thais should appreciate Khmer people and try to live in peace with Khmer people today.
But Thais don’t!!!

Vanna​ វណ្ណា said...

Khmera Phoumirak ខេមរា ភូមិរក្ស

For me Khmer people don’t protect Khmer heritage and Khmer interest, I don’t consider those Khmer people as Khmer.

I’ve been arguing with many Thai people who used Khmer name and go talking shit about Cambodia and its people to make Khmer fighting against Khmer on internet, on YouTube....

Read these following links below;

This Thai guy using a Khmer name and go screwing Khmer in a Khmer blog


This Thai website is created to manipulate the world about Cambodia how bad Cambodia.


This blog has the Thai govt picture on the front and KI put it in among those Khmer links on the KI blog itself.



I used to like Sacrava Toons but since he called the mother land as Scambodia I don’t like him any more, because the mother land never created the bad thing for her people, only her people created the bad thing for the mother land. You hate the leaders of Cambodia, but you don’t insult the motherland and call her a scam.
When you forget just a small detail you can bring down the whole nation down with you.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anything wrong for other nations or Thailand to use Khmer scripts. Every body copied from somebody and invented a novelty languages for themselves has been done for thousand years. European used the same Latin characters but every nation created its own meanings and sound.
English of America and English of Britain are slightly differene.
Scholars around the world are still finding new words to use all the time. I think we Khmers need to invent new words like the rest of the world to catch up with this great super intelligent techonology. I am happy to know that Thailand employed similar numeral as ours. I am sure Indians are happy too, that their great civilization was almost every where in South Asia. Temples built in Indonesia 200 years before Angkor Wat was almost exactly like Angkor Wat.

See we humans migrated from one place to another places since in the past many thousand years ago.

Anonymous said...

Where is my post yesterday?

I knew it is good you moderate your blog, but some critics offered productive criticism and you should not block it.

Are you walking on Hun Sen's path. He is a dictator and you are dictating others' opinions as they are nothing?

SCREW YOU, Vannak.
What a pathetic ultra nationalist!

If I see you in person I will slab your sorry face a thousand times you idoit son of the gun.

Your Compatriot

Anonymous said...

The problem with Thai is they never acknowledge that their writing, language, music, culture, architecture... were derived from Cambodia. Thai continues to live in the state of denial about its history. If this persists, ignorance shall be the way of the Thais. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Some of our Khmer people are still not getting over with Khmer numerals and some Khmer scripts used by Thais.

Those numerals were not ours but from our Varaman Kings of Indian decent who invented.

We should be happy and proud of it that other nation used ours or at least we were the first child of Varaman Kings. The English people are so proud that the world use English for international Communication.

Do you understand why Thais are so ashamed to speak the truth why they copied culture and numerals or scripts from Khmers?
Because we are poor and we have too many barbaric dumb people.

Would some people be proud to tell everytone that their parents are prostitutes or thieves? Hell no.

If Cambodia becomes a rich nation wealthy from this oil and has 95% at least are educated people, Thais will be automatically be proud to admit that they copied culture and scripts from Khmers.

Don't cry for attentions but help ourselves first to be the best we can. We have only one life to live so do it for the next generation hundred years from now so they can be proud of us.

Stop this self pity please.

Your Compatriot

Anonymous said...

Khmer owned Indian heritage in SEA. The Varman is from India who married to the Khmer native Soma of Naga in Nokor Kok Tlok and they created Nokor Phnom (Funan)as seen in the Khmer wedding ceremony today.

Another Indian King Kampu married to another Khmer native Mera and they created
Kampu-Mera=KamMera=Kamer=Khmer and they created Kampuchea in SEA.

Borobudur was built by the Sailendra, the descendant of the Khmer Nokor Phnom royal family and Prambanan also was founded by the same Sailendra. The Sailendra claimed that they were the descendant of Nokor Phnom (Funan). The Sailendra architecture looks exactly the same as the Nokor Phnom architecture at Baphnom in Takeo Province, Cambodia.

The Khmer King Jayavarman II came from Java and built the same architecture of the Nokor Phnom and the Sailendra architecture.

The European never claimed Latin and Arabic belong to them, but Thais claimed everything of Khmer belonging to Thais that created the confusion between the two nations of Cambodia and Thailand none stop. And Thailand today keeps asking Cambodia to change the Khmer name Preah Vihear to the Thai name Pra Viharn.

Thailand is a deny and a crime nation that destroyed Khmer people again and again so Thailand can steal all Khmer creation and claimed belonging to Thais without shame!!!