16 October 2008

My Heart Goes Out For Our Slained Soldiers

I am very sad at the moment for two of our soldiers heroically fought and lost their lives for defending our homeland against the Thai invaders.

A Cambodian soldier guards a pagoda near Preah Vihear temple. Thailand and Cambodia exchanged fire in a clash over disputed land which left two soldiers dead and several wounded. (AFP/Tang Chhin Sothy)


cambodia said...

hello and how are u?

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than being dead for someone who said, in returns, s/he is sad.

Nothing worse than hearing a sad voice but seeing a happy act.

Nothing worse than being talked about (Oscar Wild).

Remember these.

financial help said...

no more war for cambodia

Roit said...

កិច្ចការ ការពារជាតិមាតុភូមិ ប្រជារាស្ត្រដែលមាន ឈាមជ័រជាខ្មែរ បានលះស្ទើរ គ្រប់បែបយ៉ាង ដើម្បី មាតុភូមិរបស់ខ្លួន។ ដោយឡែក មានអ្នក ដែលមានទ្រព្យធន ភាគច្រើន នៅក្នុងទីក្រុងធំៗ សំងំគេងយ៉ាងសុខ ស្រួល ជាមួយគំនរមាស ប្រាក់ ដោយទាហាន ការពារព្រំដែន ហាលភ្លៀង ហាលខ្យល់​សព្វបែបយ៉ាង ពិតជាពិបាកណាស់

Anonymous said...

It was a wast. As someone who hates to see the Thai army and the Cambodian army fighting, what was it all for? A line on a map?