11 November 2008

Hok Lundy Is Dead

Hok Lundy , 51, the gold four stars general, head of our national police since he was 37 years old has met a tragic death in the helicopter crash on Sunday night of 9 Nov 2008.

There's a saying "Don't speak ill of the dead". I agree with the saying so I won't go there. Though I have nothing good to speak about the guy either. I am no God to pass on the judgment so I don't care whether Hok Lundy's soul is resting in peace or forever tormented in constant agony .

But, for our generation I do care when another police chief is replaced. I hope and pray the new chief will uphold the law, selflessly protect our citizen and serve the public interests not of Vietnam but wholeheartedly for my beloved Cambodia.

Phnom Penh


Anonymous said...

What a pity. Who will now stamp all those "under-the-table" business visas for foreigners?

Anonymous said...

" ...serve the public interest not of Vietnam"
Please don't be a stray member of our society, and be a practical citizen. What the hell, what kind of business a police chief and all police officers got to do with Viet Nam! Why do you sob every time you talk about highly honourable men. Do you really hate Viet Nam for stopping the genocide caused by Khmer Rouge or what?
Forget Vietnam, forget Thailand would do some good to you.
Vietnam is very crowded, that's why many poor Vietnamese people venture into Cambodia , stay illegal in the hope of a better life, that's that!. Hundred millions people emigrate and live illegaly in another country. If you are very rich guy you would choose to stay in Cambodia, I think.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam is richer than Cambodia. They must stay in their own country. If Vietnam is crowded, they have to control their population. All Vietnamese are not welcome to live in Cambodia. They will be sending back. Just respect the international border.

Anonymous said...

My friend hate the vietnamese so much. He and his girl friend went to Malaysia to live illegally. He meet a few other illegal Khmers there. Now they live happily together all in the same building. He emails me a week ago. He told me he chose Malaysia instead of Thailand because there're already so many Khmer people in Thailand.
I believe Vietnam shouldn't eradiate Khmer Rouge. Khmer Rouges was like Hitler. They did good things for Cambodia because they just wanted to kill stupid and ugly Khmer. They just kill about 50,000 people, and most of them were Vietnameses.

Anonymous said...

Sathouk !!! gnob oy sralas tao ! ah choymaray Vietcong! bontech teat pouk
ah vietcongs nao knong srok Khmer kar
doch knear dai! sathouk, sathouk.

Anonymous said...

You sounded so Vietnamese spy. You encourage Khmers to leave their country, so the Vietnamese can move in.

Yes Pol Pot killed and so did the Youn sleeping army who made themselves Khmers like Hok Lundy.

He was not born In Cambodia but in Vietnam just like million of the Vietnamese were trained to speak Khmers and adapted the Khmer culture. Every Vietnamese spy claimed to be born in Cambodia. Sure the real records of Khmers were all burned by Angka Leu since day one, before Pol Pot even started to kill.