18 June 2008

The Vietnamese's excuse to come to Cambodia

I know in nearly every our election the Vietnamese finds excuses to come to our Cambodia during this critical time. In the last election time, I remember t they sent their soldiers to come in Cambodia to look for their death comrades during their 1979 invasion into our country.

Now the election is coming near. Our Cambodia will have the general election in 27 July 2008. Again, the Viets find the reason or excuse to send their soldiers into Cambodia. According to Khmer Radio Free Asia (RFA) 16 Jul 2008 stated from Vietnam Net (News) that Vietnam is strengthening the friendship between the two countries. They are creating the opportunity for the Vietnamese veteran soldiers to visit Khmer veteran "friends" in Cambodia .

Vietnamese has no reason to come into Cambodia during ​this critical time of ours. Are they spying our election process ? Are they intimidating the opposing parties ? Whatever Vietnamese reason is, they are not welcome here. Vietnamese must stay on their side of the border.

My Opionion,
រាជធានី ភ្នំពេញ


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Blog By Khmer said...

Thank you Hanuman . A lot of of my friends thought like this too, but we're afraid to say anything about it. In the name of friendship, Vietnam has to stop involve with Cambodia affair. Vietnam, stay on your side of the the border.


Anonymous said...

they are trying to get reason to get into Cambodia.

My greedy neighbor, Yuuan!!

Anonymous said...

they act nonsense!!! no cambodian welcome them!!!

Anonymous said...

they have something secrets to act behind their legal action.

Anonymous said...

you're all stupid khmer.

popo said...

Khmer Radio Free Asia did say something silly. They always gave wrong information about Cambodian goverment in order to support the opposition party.
You are living in Cambodia, I suggest that you should check out the fact yourself by talking to people, and local media, but RFA.
I'd like to say again, loving your country by spreading unfounded news is unfair and unhealthy, and uncivilized.

azn.AKA.green said...

this's my first time to visit ur blog and i'm very interesting in this article, so yah i think the Viet should not come at during critical time.

Blog By Khmer said...

Popo -- Here in our Srok Khmer, Radio and TV stations are run by the governments. Therefore these stations are not saying anything about Vietnamese at all. It is the Viet who installed this puppeted govermnent, that why they are making sure the installed government will win in every election. You may already know, it is the very same government that the Vietnamese installed since 1979. The very same government dictating our country for nearly 30 years.

But, Khmer RFA and VOA are news trustworthy. Us Cambodians are very grateful to RFA and VOA for not afraid to bring news that affecting our Cambodian people.

Thank you for your comments.

Blog By Khmer said...

Thank you AZN for having found my blog. Your site is also very enjoyable to read.

ខ្ញុំ វណ្ណះ

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that Vietcong should stay away from Cambodia affair. The election is for Cambodian and Cambodia. Vietnam has nothing to do with it.

It has been a long history of Vietnam intervention over Cambodia.A lot of bloods shed. There must be an end to this. Vietnam should really think about leaving Cambodia alone. Stop invading Cambodia. Please!!!

Phil said...

Thanks for the best blog on Cambodia that I know or read.

I am disturbed, but not surprised about Vietnam's greedy intentions towards Cambodia. With a large population at least 5 or 6 times that of Cambodia, with few real international allies, they are more than willing to exploit their smaller, but more prosperous neighbor to the Southwest.

And I have no understanding as to why it seems that the Cambodian media is paying lip service to Vietnam. I wish I knew more about that.

I appreciate your blog being in English, especially for those of us not fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn how to read Khmer. Please keep up the good work.

Blog By Khmer said...

Cambodia news (radio, newspaper, tv) over here are owned by the current goverment. Since this our government is pro vietnamese, they wouldn't be writing to inflame the Vietnamese Chao vai (master).

Our Cambodian people, especially younger generation like me do not like it. That's why we will not vote for the party that is pro-vietnamese in this July 27 election. We will vote for the party that is for the interest of our Khmer people. We will not vote for the party that is to please the Vietnamese master.

Thank you for stopping by. Comments like yours make me want to write more.


Blog By Khmer said...

Vietnam wants to be friend to Cambodian people, there fore they must respect Cambodia border. Viet people must stay in Vietname. Don't come to our country. Visit, fine. They must go back to their Vietnam.

Thank you for stopping by and your comments. i'm glad comments posted from people like you who care and love our Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for my question, but I am quite curious. Are you a supporter of Khmer Rouge? Am I wrong that it is the Vietnamese who stopped Rouge from the genocide?

Blog By Khmer said...

Hello Javier:
Thanks for question. I'm never a supporter of the Khmer Rouge (KR) . I was born after that era. Vietnam has a goal to annex Cambodia as their state. And they did that when they invaded Cambodia in 1979, until the UN pressured them to leave Cambodia.

It's hard to say you are wrong that the Vietnamese stopped the genocide because Khmer Rouge was bred by Vietnam itself. In a sense, Khmer Rouge was the Vietnamese. The current prime minister Hun Sen and all of his cabinets were former Khmer Rouge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanak,
"...Khmer Rouge was bred by Vietnam itself. In a sense, Khmer Rouge was the Vietnamese."
Can you give some more evidences for that?
If this were the fact, why Khmer Rouge was not executed/claimed soon as a war crime as Saddam Hussen or Milosevic? I believe that because they were back supported by USA (and of course, China)?
As far as I know, Khmer Rouge attacked Vietnam first after the Vietnam war. I have no doubt that Vietnam sent their troop to Cambodia for their purpose. Any more powerful countries try to gain benefits from the less powerful, as the history proves. This is as similar as the fact that the powerful Khmer empire did earlier? It is unfair, but it is the fact. However, the reality is that how Vietnam could annex Cambodia in this era? I think this could never happen.
As I mentioned in other post (about Sandals), I was in Vietnam recently. I notice that many of them do not like Chinese too. But the way they act is different from yours which seems quite racist. To be honest, I appeciate the way they do. To avoid more influence from China, rather than sitting then insulting the Chinese (they sometimes make joke on Chinese products), they try to work and study very hard to get sucessful.
BTW, are there a lot of Chinese people in Cambodia too? Here in the Europe, you can find every where.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with Javier. I don't know why you have such crazy and racist thoughts!
I come from Vietnam and also traveled to your country last year and visited many wonderful historical landscapes in Cambodia. I heard a lot from a Cambodian tourist guide about how Khmer Rouge distroyed and massacred Khmer people and that he thanked by himself Vietnamese soldiers for helping and liberating Cambodia from ruthless Khmer Rouge regime. It was true and I also checked it on Wikipedia. I think you can do it too, Vanek.
In Vietnam, We also have many blogs that don't like our government and chinese government and their communist regime now. However, we don't discriminate chinese people and every year, hundreds of thousands of or millions of chinese come to our country peacefully. In Vietnam there are many Chinese - Vietnamese people live and work safely and succefully.
To you as a young cambodian blogger, in my opinion, you rather have a look outside and read more and hear more to have judicious thinking and show your respect to other people and countries.

Blog By Khmer said...

Hello Leila:
Thanks for taking your time to comment on my blog. I need to protect my home, my land, my country. I'm not a racist. Please continue to read more on Vietnam policy toward Cambodia.

miamoon said...

many people who are not familiar with cambodian history or politics, whose only seen documentaries, read about them on wikipedia, or heard from someone.. may take offense to khmer people 'blaming' vietnam for invading cambodia. i believe srok khmer has been taken advantage of for many centuries not only has vietnam tried to reap from khmer but also our bordering neighbor Thailand. Thai gov't claiming that prear vihear is theirs?? if that were true, artifacts would show that 'thai people' never existed prior to the fall of the Khmer Empire in the 13th century. no? it's an agruement that could easily be disproven. i dont write this to be perceived as a racist, i think it's strictly politics. and guess what? it's a dog eat dog world. and if you're country is weak and naive you will be prey and that's all it is. President/Prime minister Ho-chi Minh proposed on his death bed (his dying wish) was for vietnam to seize all of cambodian land within 25 years after his death. hmm?
Some might say americans lost the vietnam war because of cambodian intervention which blames king sihanouk for giving vietcongs permission to hideout in cambodia during the day and attacking americans by night, its only fair that vietnam returns the favor in the invasion of khmer rouge but vietnam's involvement in cambodia is still fairly heavy now. like vanak said we (khmers) just want to protect our country and stop allowing other countries to fuCKK with us or tamper with any more of our land. and yes because we are naive, because we have corrupted leadership whose interest involves none other than themselves, and because cambodians by nature are peaceful, passive people whose sick of war and tired of regime.
PM Hun Sen THE most powerful man in cambodia reigning above our King Norodom Sihanouk and yes he is very much pro-vietnam being that his wife is from vietnam.
my parents who fell victim to khmer rouge lived breathe seen what was happening before their eyes and we (cambodians) just dont want to see khmer people suffer anymore.
i also want to comment to leila in cultural anthropolgie as studies shown, we (humans) derived from our neighbors, just as khmers are descendants of south india, and vietnam from indochina etc.etc..
There are many different countries that speak the same language with minor altered accents.. and some of us have same skin color pigment or similar facial characterisics.. but ultimately we are all one. i dont disagree why we hate or get so offensive, i just think when your gov't cares more about politics than their own people. we as citizens and natives have to try to intervene.. eventhough it might be as well be hopeless but we (khmers) are fighting to hold on to the little that we have.. our land, our culture, our people, and our faith.

Anonymous said...

check on yourselves first
then you will see why you are




Anonymous said...

The ancestor of Bun Rany Hunsen is


be careful your mouth guys !!

Poupou (en Guyane) said...

Oh ! Que de haine envers le Vietnamien. Si le Vietnam n'avait pas envahi le Cambodge en 1979, la plupart des Cambodgiens seraient encore en train de planter du riz ou de construire des barrages. Tous les membres de ma famille seraient parmi eux...si toutefois ils ont survécu à la famine, à la maladie et à l'épuration des Khmer Rouges.
De quel coté était donc ta famille ? De l'Angka ? Pour tant regretter que les Vietnamiens aient foulé le sol sacré des rois khmers.
On se sent moins fier de reconnaitre qu'on a été libéré par l'ennemie héréditaire ? C'est ton problème si tu ne veux pas reconnaître celà. Les survivants, eux, ils ont été heureux de simplement pouvoir échapper à l'enfer.
Hégémonie Vietnamien existe mais pourquoi y faire une fixation alors que les "cousins" Siem ont élevé leurs enfants depuis toujours dans le mépris des Khmers et qu'ils réclament à corps et à cris des territoires cambodgiens ?
Vraiment, il n'y a pas de quoi être fier d'être Khmer pour véhiculer tant de haines ancestrales.

Anonymous said...

It seemed like you Khmer guys obviously discriminating against the Vietnamese people. You never showed your thanks for Cambodia was liberated from Khmer Rouge. Maybe you were still unborn yet at that time.
Anyway, once again Cambodian people have chosen Mr. Hun Sen to lead them into a better future.
Please stop whining, crying, and making one-sided comments against the Cambodian government, Mr. Hun Sen and our neighbouring Vietnam and Thailand.
Cambodia belongs to Cambodian people long since. Don't sound like kind of social outcasts, And then blame on Hun Sen and Vietnam for whatever of your dislikings.
Are you the type of people who prefer to get intimate with some far-flung neighbours, while being jealous, looking down, badmouthing, uncomfortable, and then unfriendly to your next door neighbours. Get sane soon men!

boonan kok said...

Thom Vanak, I am so glad I can talk to you although my English is very bad. I wish you can understand what I said. I feel Cambodian is as my brother since I watched the movie "the Killing fields". Because, we all lived in the terrible history. Communist kill so many peoples we see! I wish Cambodia getting better. And peoples getting rich. I love Cambodian, but, I don't know how to help them because I am not a rich man, now.