19 June 2008

ឱសីលធម៌ខ្មែរ​ O ! Where's Our Khmer Ethic ?

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When us younger generation reading these kind poems, we could not help but think why there 's such a poem written ? It is written because everything has happened reflects true condition that exist in our society. This type of poems will last through time.

Thank you​ to the poet who composed this poem !


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely true!!! Our government officers are all of these kind.

Anonymous said...

first thank to writer. Please other writers express their ideas via writing such kind of poems.

It can wake other Cambodians to see the truth

Anonymous said...

We live and die. Why are we in no mood to love and let’s love, to share and let’s share, to change and let’s change. When we agree to put the country first and are open to any thing, there are endless possibilities. I have come up with this little phrase called: "Please let it be"

What if the government detaches and lets the people be. Let each party talk, let each party campaign not one minute, not one and half minutes but let there be no limit on any minute either on radio or on any TV and let it be. Let them talk, let them scream, let them curse for their credibility will be judged by the people. Let’s tell Congress to pass a glass law that any deal singed with any ministry the average citizens like you and me can see and let the records be.

Let’s empower our people to form their own opinions, reward them and praise them and let them be. Let critic like Mr. Yash Ghai criticize freely not one day, not two days but everyday, human right violations will go away and let him be. Let’s accept mistakes and let them be. Let all judges make their own findings right or wrong, good or bad, big or small independently and let their decisions be. Let’s decentralize the government by giving more power to all provincial governors, majors and village chiefs to make their own policies and let them each take their own accountability.

Let’s set up an independent TV station with no affiliation to any party. Let a reporter from RFA be a moderator and invite the Prime Minister and the opposition parties to face reality. Let the moderator ask them questions personally or politically freely and fearlessly not one, not two but many and let him and let them be, and let’s do it on TV like “Meet The Press on NBC”. Let people phone in ask them live directly not from one party but any party and let the questions be. Let the Prime Minister or Mr. Rainsy answers the questions uninterruptedly, accordingly and let them be, and let them shake hands on TV to let the people see. Let our leaders show our people that in politics we debate freely, fearlessly and that we do not take politics personally because it’s for the sake of our country. Let’s do this twice annually so the people get used to seeing it on TV, because people change what they see.

Imagine if all of these were true, I have no doubt that my country would be at least on the right path to democracy. My people and my heart would be trouble-free. And please let it be.

Blog By Khmer said...

9:50am, thank you -- what a great message. I really like that. Freedom to express and "let it be" . We khmer will be the judge. T H A N K Y O U ! !!

Anonymous said...


នែ៎!សៀមឈាមថោក គំនិតស្មោកគ្រោក លោភលន់ឥតខ្មាស់ ព្រះវិហារនេះណា ពិតខ្មែរជាម្ចាស់ សកលជ្រាបច្បាស់ គ្រប់ទីគ្រប់ឋាន។
នែ៎!សៀមចង្រៃ កុំដេកស្រមៃ​ អោយហួសក្តីស្មាន ព្រះវិហាររបស់ខ្មែរ ឥតប្រកែកបាន តុលាការបាន កាត់ក្ដីរួចហើយ។
នែ៎!សៀមទុរយស ទៅផ្ទះវិញចុះ​ កុំនៅកន្តើយ បើចង់សុខខ្លួន ចេញកុំងាកក្រោយ យើងប្រាប់អោយហើយ នេះការព្រមាន៕

Khmer Students Association in Germany
បើអ្នកជាខ្មែរ សូមមេត្តាជួយធ្វើការផ្សព្វផ្សាយបន្ត សូមអរគុណ

Anonymous said...

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Very much appreciate


Blog By Khmer said...

Soorsdey Tevi,
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Thank you for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

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such a LOSER ..