08 April 2008

Gen Tea Banh -- Just a simple question to a Yes or No answer.

If I meet General Tea Banh I would like to ask just a simple question in which I would expect a simple answer in return: Sir, on 25 March 2008 did you ask the Vietnamese for their soldiers to come in to Cambodia to maintain security and public order in our coming July general election ? [Yes or No]. Could you please clarify on this a little bit ?

Vietnam newspaper published that you did ask for help. But then our Khmer government has denied the allegation. That's why I would like to hear from you, General.

Source: Cambodia declares it did not seek security assistance


Anonymous said...

YES! what are you going to do about it?

Blog By Khmer said...

Gen Tea Banh owed some explanation to the people of Cambodia. As a leader, he is a public servant, he is not above the law . He is to serve the interest for our country and our people, or otherwise he and his party are not fit to lead our Cambodia in the right direction.

Thanks 7:10, for your visit and comment.


BattambangNative said...

So, if the Hun Sen people did not ask for the Viets to come in, does it then mean that the Viets have once again invaded Cambodia? If that is the case (invasion again), where are the Khmer soldiers?

If Hun Sen did ask them to come in, why?

the "anomymous" idiot who asked "what are you going to do about it" is a gutless bastard. Perhaps he is just another Viet who is a coward, very good at white-anting, but never have the courage to openly declare their intentions.

Anonymous said...

From what I've found in Vietnam website, general Tea Banh thanked Vietnam ( I don't remember thank for what) and hoped Vietnam will bring back all the remaining of their dead sodiers very soon.
I don't think Vietnam is dumb enough to invade Cambodia. Invasion has already been an ancient word. Look at USA, It cost billions and bilions dollars, and thousands deaths and casualties, and endless protestations all over the world. What USA got out of it? Not sure, but nothing big, I think.