30 March 2008

Hanoi Vietnam Stay out of Cambodia !

Mr. Defense Minister Tea Banh was 'kissing up" to Vietnam. Hanoi responded with "good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive and long-term co-opporation".

Good neighbour ? Yes.

Friends ? Sure. Certainly no countries want to have enemies with the neighbours .

Comprehensive and long-term corporation ? --huh...hum.. it's so vague, yet deceptive. Like if Vietnam wants to take over Cambodia, Laos under Hanoi centralise leadership as "Indochinese peninsular", do we have to cooperate ?

I feel Hanoi has to stop involving with Cambodia affairs. Whatever Vietnam said, it is appeared to be so friendly toward Cambodia, but the world is watching Vietnam to stay away from our country.

រាជធានី​ Phnom Penh


CheevitKhmer said...

I am with you on this matter. It seems to me that vietnamese are encroaching and populating Cambodia. when i was there in Jan. of 2008 there were vietnamese all over Cambodia. I went to Battambong and most of the shops there are owned by vietnamese. what can i say except taking a deep sigh and say what is happening to my homeland. where in the world can one became a citizen of another country by paying $100? anyone can become cambodian citzen by just paying the $100 ( hope i am right. I think within the next 30 years Cambodia will be totally transformed and totally populated by foreigners ie.. Tibet.


Blog By Khmer said...

Yes Vietnamese are all over. They must go home. Some would argue, that these Viets are in Cambodia for just to make a living. It is wrong reason. Vietnam is twice richer than Cambodia. Their income per capita is at least twice than in Cambodia. No to Vietnamese. Viets must stay in Vietnam.

M Son said...

I really don't know why you have erased my comment.
Did you create your own blog and post all those comments yourself.