10 August 2007

What goes around comes around to haunt you, Mr. Sihanouk!

I apoligise for haven't been updating my blog lately. I will try. I have received many resourceful documentation and Khmer poems to my mailbox. I appreciate a lot. Please keep them coming. I will find time to organise and put them on the internet for all for generation of us Khmers to read. I know most of the great writings are coming from Khmer oversea writers such as America, Australia, Europe....etc. They write so freely I really admire them.
Here's an excellent piece writen by Mr. Soun Sereyratha. My translation: What goes around comes around to haunt you, Mr. Sihanouk ! There are two pages for this poem. Don't forget to click on the second page.

Phnom Penh

02 August 2007

Cambodia-Vietnamese Friendship Memorial

This is late news. I try to get on the internet as much as I could. I cannot help comment on the bombing of Cambodia Vietnamese Friendship Memorial Monument. This past Sunday 29 July 2007, it happened that somebody planted a couple kilograms (3-4kg) of TNT in trying to topple the massive Viet friendship monument. After the bomb exploded, within 2 to 3 hours the police found the suspects right away. Amazing ! The two suspects are both Khmer Krom people.

It is very skeptical for just within hours of explosion, the police found the suspects right away.We ought to think back about incident in 1997 when somebody tossed the grenade into Sam Rainsy crowd, the murdered of actress Piseth Pearlika, shooting of singers Touch Sreynich and Pov Panha Pich, and disappearance of abbot Tim Sakhorn. Our incompetent government have yet to find the perpetrators who has committed far worst crime than vandalising this useless so-call friendship monument.

In my opinion i believe Yuon themselves who planted TNT and then blame on the Kampuchea Krom people -- it is old tactics the Vietnamese uses as an excuse to destroy our Khmer Krom brothers.