23 May 2007

Angkor Wat will not make to the new 7 wonders

The New7Wonders Web site was conducted and the result is to be announced on 7 July 2007. The latest top ten result has: Greece's The Acropolis, Mexico's Mayan city of Chichen Itza, the Colosseum in Rome, Paris' Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, Peru's mountaintop city Machu Picchu, Jordan's desert city of Petra, the mysterious statue of Easter Island, Britain's Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal in India.

I think this internet campaign of choosing the seven wonders of the world is bogus. It is not fairly represented. To those who voted, do they actually have visited ALL OF THE PLACES ? To me the whole Angkor complex is a wonder by itself. It cannot be compared to any others.


Wanna said...

This saddens me :(
However, let others judge our Angkor, not the Website!

Anonymous said...

the thai and the viets voted for the 7 wonders. Would u think they vote for our Angkor ? They dont want our srok Khmer to be more popular than them. They wants srok khmer to be poor and weak . that is why i think the voting is not fair. Who has the computers? who has the internet?

Blog By Khmer said...

Egyptian government voluntarily pulled the Pyramid from the list of the 7Wonders. The voting is not fairly represented as WORLD's 7Wonders. The poor would be deprived from voting. It's only applied to whoever has the computer, phone, internet. Then there cases on some people who just hate/jealous and don't want Pyramid or Angkor to be on the list, then they would just simply vote ANYTHING BUT the Pyramid or Angkor.


Khmer Karaoke said...

Well, I did my best to try get Cambodians to vote for our Angkor Wat. But not many Cambodians have access to the computer and internet.

Although many tourists to Cambodia may have helped to vote for Angkor, many of them come to our country to exploit our women and children, not to see Angkor.

Biby Cletus said...

Hello, i just surfed in searching for interesting blogs on new seven wonders of the world, you have a cool blog. Do keep up the good work. i live far from where you are and its nice to be able to see what people from across the world thinks.

Warm Regards from the Other Side of the Moon.

On a related note perhaps you might find the following links interesting. we're reviewing the best among the competing 21 participants for the new 7 wonders competition. i'll like to hear your take on the subject via comments. i'll be back soon...

The Kremlin and the Red Square
Angkor Wat
Eiffel Tower
Hagia Sophia

ps. if you have your own favourites list or if you'd like us to write about other wonders pls do mention about it in the comments.


Kerala, India