26 February 2007

My uploaded music-- Enjoy !!

I played around with the media player. I'm able to have multiples songs onto the player. Here are ten of my favourites I just uploaded. I especially love the 2nd last from the bottom "REY09_16 Kantret tret heuy" កន្រ្តេតត្រេតអ្ហើយ!. The up-down of the music tune and lyrics are so fun! I hope you're able to listen to them OK. If you like them , Click here will take to the folder where I stored these songs. You can download them one by one to your computer. -vanak

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EH Fan said...


I know you can do it. Thanks for fulfilling my special request.

EH Fan

-CB- said...

These songs of yours bring me back old memories! Esp. the second song hehe, btw the song number 8 was Rolim Srec Srec, not tech tech.

They're traditionally beautiful.

Blog By Khmer said...

EH fan,
Thank you ! Still looking around for "To Have and Have Not".

You are so right! I went back to listen, it is Srec Srec. Thanks for the correction.

Khmer112 said...

Thank you,

AnythingAtAll said...

Hey nice
I am thinking of puting music on my blog too. Maybe I need to ask your how?

Anonymous said...

Poor choice of music. Put some classic Sinsisamuth please.

Rous Sereysuthea

Blog By Khmer said...

i'll try to put some oldies sin sisamuth next time. thanks.

Bandith said...

Yes, i agreee so but can u tell me how can i get those songs?? i click the link but nothing happend.

Blog By Khmer said...

thanks for letting me know. if you read the post again, i just added the red words "Click here" to go to the download site.

Or you can go to here:


I will plan to add more songs to this same web music server. All songs i uploaded there are clear at digital quality 128mb. Be sure you go to through all pages 1-2-3.

Thanks for visting my blog.

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