23 February 2007

ឃាតករប៉ងសំលាប់ពៅបញ្ញាពេជ្រ Gun Men Shot Pov Panha Pich

Pov Panha Pich,23, one of my favourite singers was shot on the morning 23/02/2007 at around 6:35am by two gun men. She was rushed to Calumette Hospital, then taken to Vietnam for further intensive treament.

Press PLAY on Esnips player below to hear Pov Panhapich's song "Anna"


Pov Panha Pich not only has a great voice, but also very pretty. I remember when I first saw she performed on her song "Anna".

The police must act quickly to find who the assasins were and who really behind this attempted killing.

Most importantly, I wish and hope for Pov Panha Pich speedy recovery.

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(The article and pic are from Agence France Presse (AFP)
Fri Feb 23, 2:15 PM ET

PHNOM PENH (AFP) - A Cambodian pop singer was critically wounded Friday when unknown gunmen shot her twice as she arrived at an English-language school in the capital Phnom Penh, police said.

Pov Panhapich was shot in the stomach and throat and later evacuated to Vietnam for treatment, city police chief Touch Naruth said, adding that he did not think it was a case of robbery.

"When she got out of her car, the two offenders immediately shot her," he said. "It is not a robbery case, it is some other dispute. But we cannot conclude what the dispute stemmed from. We are investigating."

The 23-year-old is a popular fixture on the weekend concert circuit, and news of her attack quickly spread through Cambodia via SMS text messages and phone calls between distraught fans.

She is the third well-known local celebrity gunned down in recent years in Cambodia, where young performers are sometimes taken as mistresses by powerful businessmen or government officials.

Singer Touch Sreynich remains paralysed in the United States after being shot in the face and neck in 2003, while movie star Pisith Pilika was shot dead in 1999.

Several other lesser-known pop stars have also been attacked, sometimes by having acid thrown in their faces.

The Cambodia Watchdog Council, a local rights group, called the attacks against young female performers an emerging trend of intimidation, especially against women.

"(The attacks) show the weakness of the Phnom Penh authorities and Cambodian government to crack down on killers," it said in a statement, demanding that the international community also pressure authorities to rein in rising street crime.


Anonymous said...

She is pretty. She maybe loved by a high power man. That is why she is shot. His wife want her dead.

Bye, Vanna

Anonymous said...

do u have anna song by pov PanhaPich. put it play here.want hear her sing. good site.

Anonymous said...

Thank you a million. Thanks for putting up Pov PanhaPich's song up.
I remember her now. She sings for Hang Meas. I agree with you Vanak. She's beautiful. I hope she doesn't end up like Tauch Sreynich. You are great.


Blog By Khmer said...

Vanna, thank you for visiting my site. It's sad. No matter what, you don't kill a person. It just look bad for our Cambodia. For we are country of gentle people.

Anon@3:54, because of your comment I tried to find "Anna" song sings by her and putting up now. Thanks!

I hope both of you visit here more often.


Anonymous said...

Bong Vanak,

I love the song you put up of Pov PanhaPich. I'm here in Seattle. Listen to her song in the rain makes the song sounds good. I listened to your songs at least 20 times already. Can you put up one more songs of her please please please. I don't have much of her songs. Thanks Thanks a million bong Vanak.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot you don't live in the US bong Vanak. Seattle is city in Washington State. Washington State is in northwest of the US. We got rain over 300 days a year.

Blog By Khmer said...

You probably knew this already. You could download the songs i put them up there to your computer. Simply by clicking the orange color title under the Esnips Player, will lead to the download site. Or you can following this link here

It will take to my folder of all MP3 songs I put up (only 2 for now) -- click, download them to your computer for I will remove them if my space is running out. These songs are in digital CD quality.

I will try to find more of Pov Panhapich songs.

Thank you for your high praise. I'm glad you're enjoying my site. Must be very cold where u live. Cold rain? Stay dry and warm ! Enjoy the music.

Svay Rieng-Phnom Penh.

Anonymous said...

Thank you bong Vanak. I try to look for news of Pov PanhaPich this morning and it says her condition improves. Here is the link to her news. http://ki-media.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

I guess that's why some parents won't let their daughter be a singer no matter what.


AnythingAtAll said...

Hey Vanna, you seem so sweet to Vannak. You might be a women or girl hahs... just guest te

Ok talking about Ki-Media, i go there very often too... See u there.

Anonymous said...


You are right, I am a girl. I am a student at the University of Washington (UW). Yes, I happen to like bong Vanak. He has a lot of good things to say. I give him credit for being so educated even though he has no formal schooling. Keep up the good work, bong Vanak.


Thida said...

do you have any other songs by Panhapich? she's my only favourite singer of this generation. I've got to esnips and found only two of her. Could you tell me where I can get more


Blog By Khmer said...

Soosdey Thida!
I'll at the moment I don't have Pov Panhapich songs. I will sure let you know if I have any more of her songs on the net.