10 January 2008

Don't be dumb or you'll be duped ! . កុំល្ងីល្ងើ ពកថ្ងាស

No joke. This is real. Here in Phnom Penh when we first heard the news my friends and I just shook our heads and laughed so hard. We now came to the point of not laughing but feel more pity for our Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Back in 10 April 2004 our prime minister Hun Sen received an honorary doctor degree from an institution called Irish International University of the European Union (IIU) based in Dublin, Ireland. In front the backdrop curtain banner of the ceremonial event, our PM was beaming with pride when the executive president of the university Hardeep Singh Sandhu conferred the honorary degree in Political Science upon him. He was wearing a graduation gown and hat then shook hand with Mr. Sandhu while showing off his instantly earned doctorate.

According to the news it turned out IIU institution is not Irish, and it's not even a university. The university has no physical address but only listed of post office box (PO Box). Its web pages claimed that its degrees are supported by the "Quality Assurance Commission" where it was traced to an office in North London to a woman who was answering phones on behalf of various companies. There was no such commission ever existed. Futhermore, this bogus university has an honorary chancellor who called himself "His Excellency Baron Knowth". The BBC London tracked H.E. Baron Knowth to an accountant Herbert Jeffrey Wooller, where he owns multi-million pounds (dollars) of homes in both Monte Carlo/Monaco and London.

Flashing back to 10 April 2004, in Phnom Penh, our Prime Minister Hun Sen gave a lengthy conferment speech when receiving the degree from this so-call university. Now we all knew he made a fool of himself and the joke was laughed upon the rest of us Cambodians to have a prime minister like him leading our country.

If I am the Prime Minister Hun Sen personal adviser, I would advise him that this is a lesson he should learned. Find out first if the university has history and well established as a reputable institution. And finally, including universities from Vietnam, don't ever desperately eager to accept any honorary degrees.

So, I interpreted the moral from this news : Get your real education. Don't be dumb ! -- this might as well be my advise too. កុំល្ងីល្ងើ ពកថ្ងាស.

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miss_tda said...

hhahaaha if it was me I'd run and hide under the table lolz

Blog By Khmer said...

tda --that's the difference between u and PM Hun Sen :)

DAS said...

It's interesting that you internalize this, saying the joke is on "us Cambodians."

If you feel the sting of humiliation when the PM or other big shots do something foolish, do you also feel pride when they do something good?

I, for instance, think George Bush is a stupid vulgar clown, but it never occurred to me that maybe other people attribute those characteristics to me just because Bush and I were born in the same country.

Anonymous said...

gee!!! his ph.d reflect his experience and leadership

Anonymous said...

in the name of khmer people ,i would be happy to see my prime minister got the doctor degree!my prime minister full of violent actions so when he got this ,he will look at him self what should he do in order to show as they offer the doctor!

Nhuong Son said...

Wow I can't believe something like this happened. I bet you these stuff never get on Ctn or other Cambodian news....in America, it would make front page of every newspaper, national and local.

Hun Sen got a B.A from a Vietnamese university, and two "honorary" degrees. Honorary meaning he never attended it, the school liked him so they gave a degree to him.....

I see him on CTN bashing other politicians and official, he needs to do a self evaluation.

Khmer Young said...

Of course, we always think that Hun Sen's affair is his personal business, but through this trick Hun Sen can lie most Cambodians in the country. And through well-controlled national media, Hun Sen administration is shameless to broadcast their fake degree.

For learned like all of us, we are feeling very shameful, but for Hun Sen and his colleagues, they can do everything to lie Cambodian peoples.

However, the last day will come to Hun Sen as his consequence from various evil deeds.


Jake Tornado said...

Hahahahahaha! This sure made my day!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear this story..haha..
Honorable degree? for what? display?..

nice post

cambodia said...

Nice post, dude!!! I really feel so sorry to know trick. Just say that it is a trick. You know what every night in the most crowded capital city, Phnom Penh, I always hear robberies. To be honest, Cambodia looks good at a glance but if you are into deeper distance you will see the blood and pain. Too much violence with our Ph.d PM....Big lolzzzz So Noob

Blog By Khmer said...

What an overwhelming responses ! Thank you all for taking time to voice your comments.

Yes, I would feel proud of my leaders if they do good things . My PM Hun Sen is too egotistic ; he must realise that not he only is the leader who can lead and do good for the country. But others given the chance, could lead to more prosperous than him.

I have no doubt these days there are many smart people than PM Hun Sen who could​​ clean up the corruption and have clearer direction to lead the country.


KW said...

Hello, Soursdey..


Khmerchica209 said...

Hi,I love ur blog.Please check out my blog.And ur right it is time for our prime minister to get a move on.

pinaywife said...

hi i love reading your blog.. this one is funny..

ill be regularly coming back for more of your posts. Im interested in the development of Cambodia since I am a Filipina married to a Khmer guy.

Good Luck and Keep the good posts coming!