04 April 2007

My Election Reaction

I hadn't post my blog for the past weeks. Partly because I was so sad. It was the saddest week I've gone through. And another thing there was so much anticipation for the past week of our national commune election. My reaction of this election it was not good. I still think our Prime Minister Hun Sen (CPP) party is controlling the NEC (National Election Committe) . People from my village said when (1) they're corrupt and (2) as power hungry as they are and (3) they're in control of the country, and (4) has Yuon Hanoi as their boss, they could easily manipulate the election result in their favour. Now CPP party are holding most chief positions in the commune villages and districts throughout the country.

I'm not totally all pessimistic. On the brighter side we Cambodians can vote. That is so important. The election rules must follow the western standard. The western countries have proven democracy worked! Just look at their countries, they are so advanced. Now all what we Cambodians must do is copy what's working and what not working from them and learn from them. We must humble ourselves. Don't be too proud and hard headed (Kbal reung).


Wanna said...

I was also so upset once the primary result was out. The CPP's victory is also an essential factor for the illegal Yuons to facilitate their lives and Vietnamization in Cambodia.

Blog By Khmer said...

Arkun Wanna for your comments. I read from news earlier in February of this year, our Department of Interior (krasoung morha ptey) came out with their official statement that there were only 109 illegal Vietnamese (34 families) settled inside Cambodia ! Amazing finding. These incompetent ministers are not working for the interest of our Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I was there at the election. I don't know what really happened at your region, but at least there was not anything seriously remarkable happened at mine.

Hmmm for the illegal immigrants, we've heard of it many times, and still do.


AnythingAtAll said...

I don't know why people still voting for CPP? What did CPP do to the country?
Building roads?(borrow money from other country--anyone can do), Corruption? (Yes), Killing the opposition people (Yes), Influence justic system (Yes), Don't know how to develop the irrigation system (I think so or they have no intention to do so), Love power to death (Yes-never want to step down), Don't really care about border (Yes), Happy to have VN vote for them (Yes--and in return do something for them--give some land),Love to have VN in the country (Yes) ...you might be able to find more...
Cambodian should think about those issues before voting for CPP!!!

p+k said...

It's sad that I wasn't there to vote but i know there are so many disappointments about this election. Anyways, i agree with you on your last point. I mean it's always good to be proud of ourself, or what we are but it's like a stereotype already that we're always over-proud and under-estimate other countries esp neighbour countries. Only small portion of the whole population have addressed our own problems but I hope nowaday that portion is getting larger.

Blog By Khmer said...

Thank you all for taking time to comment.

That is seem to be the current problem in our Khmer society. One proud official said "In our Srok Khmer we have all of the experts! We don't need experts such as engineers or doctors from outsider to teach us. We can do everything! What we lack of is money! Just give us money".

I would think when the money is given, it would be likely to go right straight into his pocket then left very little to build bridges, irrigation canals, and schools so he could name these bridges, canals and schools after himself.

When our mentalities are like this official person, we better stop to think it twice. We are too corrupt and proud of ourselves.