09 March 2007

Encrochment of Thai On Cambodia Soil

European Cambodia Watch Group requested Royal Thai military coup government to immediately stop their own agenda on encroaching onto Cambodia soil.

Men Nath, the leader of the watch group in Christensen, Norway spoke openly on 07 March 2007 that Thailand has the agenda to continue to intimidate on the line of border between the two countries.

The encroachment from the Thai occurred to the Cambodia side of the border in region of O Kror-ngoogn near the proximity of Pol Pot’s burial place at Anlung Veng. The Thai knowing the place will be becoming a tourist site that could attract visitors to see Pol Pot’s grave, they has sent their elite black uniform soldiers crossing into Cambodia side to put up warning signs prohibiting Cambodian landowners building homes in their own village.

For further details please continue on the reading in Khmer. -- ខ្ញុំ Vanak


Anonymous said...

Good report, Vanak. Leopards never change their spots. These two neighbor of ours will never stop wanting to take our land, miles at a time until nothing left.

Concerned Citizen

Blog By Khmer said...

I was just translated the article from the today's Sralanh Khmer News (09 March 2007). I wish I could translate the whole article. This would take a lot of time for my English is not too good.

Thanks for your comments


Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. They have much more land mass than Cambodia. Yet, they still try to encroach on Khmer sovereignty.