16 September 2005

World Bank Comments on Cambodia Projects (AP)

When I read the below news from Associated Press (AP) I feel very sad for my Cambodia. Cambodia could be just as other well developed western countries such as America, Australia, UK, France...etc. These countries are so advanced because they based their foundation on strong rules of law.

I wish Cambodian leaders should comes to realised this and start seriously rebuilding the country. It's true my country has gone more than 30 years of war and killing which resulted the country in behind the civilisation, and placed on the map as one of the poorest nation.

The time is now. No more excuse of this. EAch years, the international community has pour hundreds of million of dollars into the country. Now it's our chance to bring our country from the abyssmal poverty.



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    (AP)World Bank Comments on Cambodia Projects
    Friday September 16, 6:39 am ET

    World Bank Says Possible Bid Manipulation, Bribes Affect Some of Its Cambodian Projects .

    PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) -- A review of contracts covering four World Bank projects in impoverished Cambodia has turned up allegations of bribes, possible bid manipulation and fraud, the bank said Friday.

    The international lending agency reviewed 119 out of 257 contracts it identified as being of possible concern.

    The contracts -- implemented by the government -- were issued in projects concerning the management of protected areas, post-flood rehabilitation, rural investment and improving local governance, the bank said in a summary of its findings.

    The bank review comes on the heels of alleged misuse of funds in an earlier project it supported to help Cambodia demobilize its large ranks of soldiers.
    The government repaid the bank US$2.8 million (euro2.1 million) that was allegedly misappropriated. The World Bank had warned it would freeze US$297 million (euro233 million) in aid for the demobilization program unless the money was returned.

    Although works, goods and services reviewed under the four projects were delivered, the report said there was possible bid manipulation and some contractors appeared to engage in fraud.

    Many contractors interviewed for the review also said "they had to bribe government officials at various hierarchical levels to secure contracts and/or to facilitate contracts payments," the bank said in its report.

    Cambodia, one of the world's poorest countries, relies heavily on foreign aid. Donors have roundly criticized the government for failing to tackle chronic corruption that many observers say is hindering the country's efforts to rebuild after decades of conflict.

    The government has pledged during the last year to curb the corruption. But the bank noted that Cambodia's laws covering investigations and prosecutions of civil servants engaged in corruption and fraud were "vague and not enforced."

    The World Bank and the government have agreed to implement measures to deal with the problems, including building a more credible budget, improving internal controls and fiduciary accountability, and identifying specific anti-corruption steps as part of project preparations.

    The bank also noted in cases of contracts where "significant indicators of irregularities" had been discovered, it would investigate further. It did not specify which deals those might be.

    01 September 2005

    Vietnamese Cone hat --My Khmer handwriting

    This is my handwriting in Khmer version of "Vietnamese Cone Hat" posting. I first started to write in Khmer and then translated into English.

    Phnom Penh
    01 September 2005