01 September 2005

Vietnamese Cone hat --My Khmer handwriting

This is my handwriting in Khmer version of "Vietnamese Cone Hat" posting. I first started to write in Khmer and then translated into English.

Phnom Penh
01 September 2005


George said...

Great! I just found your blog amd really enjoyed it. I'm very interested in Khmer Culture. I'm Cuban but I live in California.
Will be nice hear from you and maybe exchange emails and opinions.

jet said...

I can read Khmer. I remember Khmer's school before April 17th 1975 pol pot victory. I only got 5 Riel perday for school. Most kids have money from their parent when they go to school. 5 Riel was enough to spent during a break time. Go outside to play. Comparing to now is very very different, much harder than before, by my view. Before pol pot Khmers does not know Communist, we were free, and people are very happy, compare to today. falling backward. Now we have to rebuilding our country. Kor sang jeat.

During pol pot i miss my school very much, and the fun happines we had. My familly travel alot before 1975. I have seen difference places. I finish thnak tee dorp when pol pot come in to rule our county. Back then we start from thnak tee dorpi dorl thnak tee mouy. So my education in Khmer is low. But it was so much to learn, and i missed them.

mit said...



Chanbopha said...

I can really understand your feelings concerning over vietnamese people, especially it must be hard for someone like you who originally comes from Svay Rieng which directly boders to Vietnam.

By the way I am from Kampong Cham. Hello neighbor!

Blogs By Khmer said...

Hi Jet, thanks for dropping by. I will try to post my blog more often. With your 3 years of khmer schooling and you could read Khmer, that's good. Don't forget our language. --thom

Blogs By Khmer said...

kuni chiva ! my neighbor Chanbopha-- Kompong Cham Kompong Chet. You in Japan ? Wow. you must be very smart. I wish I've gone through formal education like you.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.


Joel Phillips said...

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Joel Phillips
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