07 December 2005

Drug Dealer Nguyen Tuong Van Deserved To Be Hanged

(Below article is my opionion)
This Man Deserved To Be Hanged For Drug Smuggling.

Nguyen Tuong Van was hanged at 6:00am Singapore time on Friday 2 December 2005. Nguyen Tuong Van, 25, an Australian citizen was caught at Singapore airport in 2002. He was en route to Australia from Phnom Penh, Cambodia through the connection flight at Singapore. Nguyen was smuggling pure grade of heroin. One portion was hidden strapped to his chest and another was in his carry-on luggage. There was total of 396 grams of heroin he was smuggling.

Drugs and drug dealer have no place in society. This man was lazy, had no respect of the law by trying to get rich quick and took the chance. The street value of this heroin was worth aproximately $1.3 million ($50 x 26000) and able to destroyed 26,000 lives.

When it comes to drug, JUST DON'T DO IT. I fully support and respect the law of each country. You break the law, the consequence you must pay for. Drug dealer Nguyen Tuoung Van knew the consequences of breaking the Singaporean law. He took his chance with death. He lost.